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What would cause the thumbnails in the "My Pictures" folder on my computer to be a different picture than the actual file?

Asked by CaseyWVU10 (550points) January 28th, 2010

I have almost a thousand photos in the “My Pictures” folder on my computer. I have the folder set up to showcase the thumbnails for all of the files. I went to click on one of the pictures and a completely different picture opened. Please help…at this rate I will never be able to open the picture I actually need.

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There’s a hidden file in the folder called “Thumbs.db”, it has probably gotten corrupted or confused.

Here’s instructions on how to clear it:

Once you clear that file, it will look at the files again and make new thumbnails.

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@grumpyfish: you’re a lifesaver, thank you so so much. To say I was frustrated was an understatement :)

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No problem. I had a similar hair-tearing-out-moment when it happened to me.

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