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Do you still dream about her/him?

Asked by 6rant6 (13672points) January 28th, 2010

Have you stopped dreaming about people you’ve been in a relationship with? I’m not talking about the inability to let go. I’m talking about closing your eyes at night and dreaming about someone you parted ways with long ago – maybe on good terms, maybe on bad terms, but you’re not now hoping to rekindle. They just pop up from time to time.

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Yup. Quite often. They are normally metaphors though.

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No I don’t think I dream about any of my exes.

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I don’t have dreams about my exes.

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Yep I have and then I’ll wake up and be like WTF was that about LOL

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I frequently dream about my exes, although some more often than others. It’s also funny to see how different the dreams are depending on the ex taking the starring role.

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In the past year or so I’ve been dreaming a lot about my high school sweetheart. The morning always brings a WTF moment. Very occasionally I’ll dream about that I dated very briefly. I usually wake up feeling drunk after those (he was an alcoholic) and I swear I can taste alcohol when I wake up.

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Oh I want to,but I can’t decide my dream.

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My previous serious relationship ended 2 years ago. But we’re still friends…but yes I still dream about him. Sometimes. Nothing crazy anymore though. I used to have a lot of sexual dreams that featured him but those are gone now too thankfully. Lately all I dream about is Twin Peaks.

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Yes, and I HATE it!

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If at all, I get nightmares from Ex’s . . . they are Ex’s for a reason!

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I don’t dream about any of my ex’s…and for various unintentional reasons they may pop up in my head just to terrorize me some. I did have a crazy hot dream 2 nights ago about a stunning brunette I’d love to get my hands on though! WOOF!

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Yes, I mean no… I mean yes…

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Yeah, I do. Last night I had a dream where we were kissing. It was a nice dream.

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I’ve rarely had dreams of exes and the few I can recall were more of me seeing why they are now exes. Also, I rarely dream of a person I’m with even if things are well. It doesn’t bother me not to dream of anyone, makes me feel I’m spending the energy on them during my awake hours as I prefer it.

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Not in my dreams. Thank god

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Ohhh yes, but not very often. I asked about it on fluther actually…

Usually it’s very strange dreams or really happy ones where everything is great and when I wake up they make me sad.

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Erm, yes. Only they are more like nightmares.

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I use to have nightmares about my ex, thanks to my new love the nightmares have stopped,

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I’ll often dream of figures from my past- be it loved ones or arseholes. I don’t read too much into it- if someone was influential in my life before, be it in a good or bad way, I’ll always remember them. And I’ll think of them fondly because without them I wouldn’t be who I am today xx

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All the time!!! :-)

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The only ex I dream about is someone whom I could never trust enough to rekindle that flame, but secretley fantasize about from time to time. It’s wierd when I dream of my current partner but they take the body of my ex.

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@avengerscion: So basically, ya do. You could be a politician!

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Not that I’m aware of. I occasionally have a dream about a guy I crushed on a couple of years back from an improv class.

And I’m not even interested in him anymore. I have to figure out what he symbolizes to me.

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I still find myself often thinking about my first husband, who I lost just after our first anniversary, and the fewer than two years we had together. I sometimes remember the good times I had with my second husband, all those many years ago. Isn’t it normal to often recall earlier times? I also remember the first year I spent with my current husband over 35 years ago.

Our minds never let go of the things we have experienced through out our lives. This is a good thing.

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Our minds never let go of the things we have experienced through out our lives. This is a good thing.

Speak for yourself….

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@Shield_of_Achilles If your mind does not have your past experiences to work with, you have no hope of avoiding the bad and duplicating the good. We are all the sum of our past plus the ability to learn from the experiences. Remove those experiences, and you remove the ability to learn.

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@YARNLADY What do I have to gain from the memory of being set on fire, or locked in my room every other weekend because I wasn’t allowed to associate with company?

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@Shield_of_Achilles Every one of applies the experiences we had to our responses in our future experiences. If you never experienced the events you have, you would not have empathy to help you avoid anything that could cause such to happen again to you or anyone you care about. Such extreme events can lead to the development of compassion in your dealings with others.

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I still dream about my boyfriend and he is laid at the side of me.

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well i do.. and i’d be like, oh yeah, i remember you… hahaha.. i mean, its really weird since we haven’t seen each other for almost 2 years already and we don’t even communicate to each other. yep, not even writing on each other’s wall. but i’d still have a dream about him like once every week or two.

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