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can I hookup a remote monitor to see what the kids are looking at on their computer in the basement? If so, how.

Asked by kelly (1908points) March 1st, 2008

I just want to monitor their screens, not control them in real time. we have had late night sneeks to the basement and want to see what they are searching.

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There are a lot of ways you can monitor their activity, either in real time (as you’re asking), or just by going back and looking at browser histories, cookies, etc.

One free way to do what you’re asking would be to install a VNC server on their machine and a VNC client on yours. Then, you could connect to their VNC server and see whatever they’re seeing.

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If you use a router that might allow you to see what websites they visit. My old Linksys router allowed that.

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it is called the cable of TRUST
You insert one end to yourself and the other to your child
its guaranteed to build relationships with your child

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DiegotheGreat42 has an excellent point. I assume you’ve tried just asking them what they’re doing. Do you have reason to suspect they’re up to no good?

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Thank you seqdeha
I was expecting reprimanding for that comment
but indeed
all you need to do is talk to them
Odds are they’ll respect you more for it

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I commend Diego for his comment and I commend kelly for not turning a blind eye to their kids use of the Internet.

I heard a quote once, but don’t know who to attribute it to:
“There are seldom good techinal answers to behavioral problems.”

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Kelly I say make sure your kids r safe. Use Spector Pro. It will send everything to your email account. Just install on the basment computer and not your computer.
It cost around $60 but worth every penny.
Its ok to trust but parents have to monitor to. Ya never know what criminal is online.

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Haha… you already know damn well what they’re searching.

Oh yeah.

But seriously, people will do what they want to do. Realistically you can stop them. Say you get a camera in there, and catch them doing something. That means that won’t do it at your house anymore. Their friend’s house is fair game. If you really want to “control” what your kids do, you need to talk to them and convince THEM to not want to do it.

People will only not break the law out of fear of getting caught, once that’s removed people will do what they want. Same goes for parents and their children. I belive its conceded and ignorant to belive otherwise.

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