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Anyone having a problem with Windows Anytime Upgrade in 7?

Asked by Fenris (1174points) January 28th, 2010

Got a windows 7 Home Premium OEM on an HP laptop here, and the owner got a 7 Professional key from his professor. He puts it in the Windows Anytime Upgrade console app and it accepts the key, but it stops midway through and politely says I can’t finish, tough shit, have a nice day. Problem is, now it won’t allow us to put in any other key. Anyone have this problem? I’m thinking it stores the used key in the registry somewhere so if I find and nuke it would it work or fook everything?

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see if windows is activated and genuine through the control panel.

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Anyone NOT having a problem with anything Windows? I had a PC for 19 years, or perhaps I should say a series of PCs. My last one blew about 18 months ago at my son’s house. He is a Naval Officer and runs PC networks for the Navy. His advice was “Get a Mac”. I did…..and I have no idea how Microsoft sells that crap.

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Windows 7 has many of these little hurdles. While it is visually beautiful, it is a nightmare to work with. The only thing I would know to do is reload it and have the administrator set no rules, limits or permissions.
Go to the Windows website Q&A forums. It will be addressed there.

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I am using ubuntu( now and I think it’s great. Definitely worth a try.
But I’ve owned a mac before and I hated it!

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@jordy240 – it’s activated and genuine, it’s an OEM on an HP this guy bought at Fry’s.

@plethora – I’ve run into a grand total of about 9 problems in the 15 years I’ve been working with windows, and most of them stem from dll hell, bloatware, and my fooking around with the OS files. Clean uninstall programs when you need to, keep your startup items below 10, and practice safe browsing and installing, and there should be few errors.
I feel that Macs are a powerful Unix system, shackled 50 different ways, made visually appealing, extremely idiot-proof, and obscenely expensive for their value, and that’s what I don’t need in a system.

@Jewel – The only thing I’ve had a hard time with in Windows 7 after I got used to the permissions system was the extra networking software that assumes the user is an end-user on a SOHO computer. I really like the advanced firewall and very robust permissions system, along with the range of backwards compatibility options. I just disable aero and all those useless visual effects and it hums for me. Sorry you’ve run into a plethora of problems, although it’s to be expected in such a fledgling OS.

@jordy240 – I don’t like those desktop in a box OSes like Ubuntu, SuSE, and MEPis. they’re hard to work with because one wrong move and you’re waist deep in dependency hell, especially when you don’t understand the system, let alone all the software on it. I prefer gentoo and Arch, they force me to comprehend what’s going on and only put on the system what I need.

@Jewel – You’re right, I should take this to the Windows forum. the owner called tech support and they all but gave up on him. I think they settled on mailing his school a windows professional OEM disk for his professor.

Thanks for the comments, all.

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