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Why can I only ask three questions a day?

Asked by Fred931 (9434points) January 28th, 2010

I know that the probable answer is anti-spamming or anti-overload of servers, but what if I had a day that begged four unrelated questions of equal importance to me? Should this rule be stricter or looser for all users in general, or is it possible to devise a way to allow more questions to those who may be able to use them?

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Look, when I started, I didn’t get this either…eventually I came to ‘get it’ and really have lost the need to ask questions all the time…there aren’t all that many themes out there anyway…abortion, parenting, religion, relationships, gender, politics..etc… not all that much to talk about…

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There is nothing really new under the sun; a topic can surely be put on the back burner for 24 hours, couldn’t it?

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There is always tomorrow!

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And that was the third! Didn’t you learn anything from that genie business a few years ago?

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I think it would be nice if they upped the limit for people that proved they were thoughtful and would be responsible with the privilege. I don’t know how exactly what the requirement would be, maybe 5K lurve, maybe a certain number of GQ’s you got. Something like that.

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You can only ask three questions!!! Ahahahahahahahahaha!

Everyone else gets 4!

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Yes, @ChocolateReigns. Especially you. You have found the secret password to get you in the backdoor to ask the fourth question, haven’t you? It’s inside the frizzer.

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@wundayatta Ahaha…..I think I know what you mean?

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Because the gods deem it so and who are we to question them?

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities got it right. We want people to use their questions wisely, and really think about them before they ask them. Otherwise, we’d get a lot more silliness.

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Shhh! Once you make it to the 10K mansion, you get to ask extra questions. 3 every 12 hours. It’s like earning more vacation time by working the same job for more than 5 years.

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