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What do you make with shredded cabbage and carrot, or cole slaw in a bag (without dressing)

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) January 28th, 2010

I have this recipe for cole slaw that is pretty kick ass – it’s simple, just mayo, sugar, vinegar, salt and pepper… so I will often have bagged cabbage & carrots in my fridge.

For times that I don’t want such a fattening, heavy salad, I will sometimes add vinegar, seasoning and EVOO. What have you had in the past? Any good recipes or ways to use this salad combination?

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i would serve it with a platter of grilled sausages and sliced, buttered, grilled apples and onions.

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sandwich or hot dog topper

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I would make pansit, an entree. Cook cellophane noodles, drain. Heat julienned chicken in soy + tblspn oil. Add noodles and veg. 10 minutes and dinner for 6.

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I would chop it up a bit finer and use it in stuffed peppers along with some TVP or ground meat.

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@gemiwing Ummm, good idea.

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How about making soup with it. Just add an onion, some stock, and it will make a delicious lunch.

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A small river boat.

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it makes good eggroll filling, just add chicken or pork, fry in a pan with oil till the cabbage is soft,

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Lots of good answers here! I would make more Cole Slaw, because you just can’t have too much of that!

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thanks everyone… there really are a lot of great answers!!! :)

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Steam it lightly and put in a pita bread or pocket bread with some sauteed chicken and some soft cheese and or pesto.

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you could stir fry it with some meat, rice, whatever you want.

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Wilted cabbage and carrots over broiled pork, use a bit of sweet and sour dressing to spice it up!

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