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How do i eject a cd which is stuck inside my mac desktop?

Asked by chian (554points) January 29th, 2010

There is a cd inside my mac computer and i can not see it on my desktop which is strange nor in my finder. Even if i press the eject key nothing happens. Any ideas? Any tricks?

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Restart while holding the mouse/trackpad button down.

Edit :: And if you are down with the Terminal this should work too.
drutil tray eject

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@johnpowell Yes, I’ve used the old terminal for CDs before. Tends to work.

If it doesn’t, try tweezers.

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terminal ? drutil tray eject? what are these things!?!?! (i am a learner)

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Applications—> Utilities—> Terminal

Last login: Sun Jan 24 16:29:50 on ttys000
john-powells-imac52:~ johnryanpowell$ drutil tray eject
john-powells-imac52:~ johnryanpowell$

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ok so i got this Last login: Wed Mar 11 20:07:55 on console
iMac:~ macuser$
but how does that help me eject cd?
@johnpowell restart holding trackpad doesnt work because the dashoboard jumps up and nothing else happens!!!

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ok wrote drutil tray eject next to it after using my brain still doesnt work!!!!!!

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….....throw it at the wall…really really hard.

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found it! disk utility and then eject!!!!

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Wait for it to go to the black screen and then press the trackpad.

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Get a real computer instead of over-hyped, over-priced bullshit that is appealing simply because it is “easy” to the average user.

I love my manual Dell laptop drive. It may not be the prettiest, but in the event it gets stuck it is easy to pop open.

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@FlutherMe: Now that’s the kind of even-handed technical advice that can really help out a fellow jelly. So glad you were on hand. ~

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this is totally not helpful, but when I first read the question, I thought it said “how do I eject a cod which is stuck inside my mac desktop?” I laughed so hard I almost cried.

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@zephyr826: Now that would just be fishy.

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@cprevite I guess it would look something like this

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@zephyr826: So that’s what happened to all the discarded candy-colored iMacs.

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if the software way to eject the CD fails you, turn off the mac and insert a piece of card into the slot (keeping hold of it obviously) and tease out the CD with it.

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For a Mac Desktop, hold down the Power Button until the CPU shuts down; then power up while holding down the eject button on the keyboard. Keep holding down the eject button until the tray opens.

and non-Mac heads stop f*cking trolling

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Thanks guys i got it out, @flutherme seriousy? whats the point in writing such comments? this wasnt a discussion but a question….

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@chian How am I suposed to know that? Plus, I speak the truth baby

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@FlutherMe nothin better than a mac <3

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