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What's next after facebook?

Asked by jmmf (168points) January 29th, 2010

we all know that first it was myspace. and then it was multiply. and then there was facebook and twitter. now there’s tumblr, plurk and formspring. what’s next?

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Tele-Fluthering with your webcams.

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Please not Fluther!

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awesomeness?? whats that??

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I have no idea what tumblr, plurk or formspring are. I am so uncool.

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If I knew the answer to this question I would be rich

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@Supacase tumblr is a site where you can post any random stuff. its like twitter with pictures, music, anything under the sun. plurk is mostly like twitter. formspring is a site where you get to post questions. a bit like fluther.. :D

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Hopefully the end of the world. Because Facebook is killing me! :-)

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Don’t forget Lamebook!

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oh yeah! i know that!

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WHAT THE HELL????? i’ve only heard of my space and facebook…. making more is just stupid… and who would keep up with it all…. :S some one must have a load of free time… thats kind of sad…. what happened to socialising in person….

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well, it was myspace, then facebook, and now it seems to be twitter… i think the new question should be, what happens after Twitter….?

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