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What can I do online to kill time?

Asked by vanelokz (423points) March 1st, 2008

any good web apps or websites??

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Vincentt's avatar, just be sure that it doesn’t kill too much time ;-)
(And Fluther of course)

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you can. . research things, learn on wikipedia… turn it off and go outside . . .
just stop killing time, what a . . waste.

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stumble upon

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Buy a Webkinz.

jbeers's avatar baby…! =) here are two of my favs:

Space Alone by Ilias Sounas:


Elephant Girl by David Lobser:

cityshark's avatar incredible!!!!!!!!!!

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I like to check out for extreme cuteness, for great, free background pictures, and is an addictive game.

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“What can I do online to kill time?”
I think you’ve answered your own question.

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how about fluther?

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I hate to waste my time; time is most valuable thing; I prefer to learn something, even just read some articles or news…...

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Put your washing on it.

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its not that i waste time, just that i had to wait a very long time at the doctors office that day and i wasnt prepared with a book. I paid the consequences =(

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Go to and you can literally watch time die! It takes 5 minutes to open or post a question!

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I always go to and play some games until its time for me to chill out. Or you could come HERE and answer questions.

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