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Thoughts on this dresser? Too gaudy?

Asked by Jude (32112points) January 29th, 2010


“Handworked antique beveled mirror over veneers and hardwood solids with antique silver finish.”

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Has an Anthropologie feel to it.

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I think i’m seeing whitewashed wood instead of, what, glass? What “silver finish”? I wish you had a better pic, but ohwell.

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Just right for a gypsy caravan

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That’s where I live @galileogirl. =)

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Anthropologie version is very similar. There is a distinct style of decorating that this dresser would fit. It would not be a piece that could integrate into just any room.

Edit: Wow, the Z Galleries version is significantly less expensive. The Anthropologie site gives good sense of the style that it would fit with.

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@PandoraBoxx Yuck. I don’t care for the Anthropologie version. I already have a mirrored night table. I like dresser. I just might get it. I just wanted to hear what the jellies had to say.

It’ll look lovely in my gypsy caravan.

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I LURVE it – absolutely

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I love it. Feminine but not girly, and not fashion-y so you probably won’t regret it in 10 years.

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I feel you need 40 foot painted and gilded ceilings, putti in the corners, powdered wigs, and rouge and beauty patches on face to match that bureau. Also, Louis XVI waiting in the corner.

So my vote would be “no.”

The important question, however, is what does Frankie think?

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Didn’t i see this dresser on The Beverly Hillbillies?

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Very old fashioned. Not too keen on the dresser but I suppose you could make it work.

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I like it, it’s cute. A very old-fashioned feel with a bit of pizazz added with the metallic silver.

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Frankie said that if it doesn’t come with a silk, bedded cushion with an image of an Egyptian feline embroidered on it, well, then no dice.

Said cushion would go on top of the dresser and would be used solely for napping/grooming purposes.

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Frankie hopes it will be hand-embroidered and very costly. Then he will have the pleasure of slowly clawing out the stitches.

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I like it.

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If you love it and will adore the sight of it every time you see it and will just stop in the doorway filled with awe and admiration and marvel in your good fortune, absolutely go for it. That this would not be my reaction has no relevance.

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Gaudy (like beauty) is in the eye of the beholder. I’ve certainly seen gaudier.

If you like it, go for it. You’re the one who’ll be living with it.

I think it looks kinda nice but it’s not my personal style.

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@jmah; All the photos of your public areas in your apartment (that you sent us earlier) were charming, I thought. Do what is right for you. It has worked so far.

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I like it! If you’re going with a country or homey feel, with older furnishings and a “rusty” kind of feel, I think it’s great. However, it really depends on the feel of the room. You know, the types of furnishings, color palette, all around general feel. But, I like it!

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I love, love, love the dresser and as soon as the never-before-recorded-at-these-levels tides recede, leaving many organic objects all over my house, I am going to get one too. What a beauty. I’m serious. Thank you@jmah.
And I don’t even need a dresser.

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i love it. if you have a place that it would look good in, then great. how much is it? just curious.

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The dresser is silver/mirrored. I have a white headboard/footboard (faux leather) and a mirrored night stand. I think that she’ll fit right in with the rest.

an ex. of white with silver/mirrored

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I have a bedroom set like this. It’s an old antique, and awesome!

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Did’ja get it?!!

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I’m workin’ on it. I’m waitin’ ‘til my next payday..:)

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This feels very Parisian…a bit of glamour without it being too much, I think. I agree with’s how you feel about it when you see it. I think it is a piece that will accent any room with a bit of flair.

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