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How do I get my video from my kodak camera to my computer?

Asked by StillStephanie (162points) January 29th, 2010

What I do is plug my camera into the USB port…. but it always loads it as a picture and when I try to open it, it wont let me. I try windows media player.. nope says that the format isn’t supported. And when I try to put it on windows movie maker.. no luck cant find it.
I need help!

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Mine loads and shows the video as an icon, when I click on the icon it plays the video.

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you need to conect your camera to your computer then a window should appear, click on the import video/picture button and follow to steps!!!

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You need to install the Kodal software that came with your camera package.

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Most digital cameras are designed so that when you plug them into your computer’s USB port, they “pretend” to be a USB thumb drive from the viewpoint of your computer.

Unfortunately, some companies, like Kodak for instance, gotta be fancy and you need to install their software on your computer to copy the pictures from your camera.

If you’re like me, and you don’t like installing crappy software on your computer, see if your camera takes a sim card. If your camera takes a sim card, you can buy a USB sim card reader for your computer (which your computer will see as a thumb drive) and then just remove the sim card from your camera into the reader and copy the pictures that way.

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If your pictures are stored on a memory chip, put the chip in a suitable memory card reader that is attached to the computer!

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