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Is it a bad idea to buy a used 2009 Saturn Astra now that they are discontinued?

Asked by nayeight (3347points) January 29th, 2010

My little sister (now 17) is looking for a car now that she’s getting her license in February. She likes hatchbacks and cars with that “cute college-kid” look. She saw a Saturn Astra today and really liked it BUT when we looked it up online, we found out that it has been discontinued and will no longer be made in the US. Apparently Saturn was sold by GM to some other company or some funny business like that. I want to know if it’s a bad investment to buy a used Astra since the company has been sold to some other company and no longer makes that vehicle?

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It may make it harder to find parts in the future…..

or it could make it a collectors item (unlikely)

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Forget the Saturn and buy a used Honda or Toyota. these two automobiles will still be running when the saturn is in the junk pile. this is true.

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Haha! Thanks guys….my sister is kicking me right now. As we speak….

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The Astra is actually a German model, based on the Opel Astra, so they should be nearly identical and if I am not mistaken, Opel has not discontinued the model, so a supply of spare parts should not be an issue. Furthermore, the Astra is also marketed in China as a “buick excelle” and in Latin America as a Chevrolet Astra.

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It’s certainly one of the more bland cars I’ve seen from Saturn. But I like owning things from companies and people that don’t exist anymore, so I’d say go for it.

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it is a law that they have to manufacture parts for the vehicle for 10 years after it is discontinued. so parts should not be a problem. saturn is a great car and i’m sad that it’s getting the ax.

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