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What is a easy, tasty side salad to go with pan-seared pork chops?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) January 14th, 2007
I want a salad that is light, since I have a richer entree and desert. The pork chops are being glazed in a spicy apple sauce, so no fruit in the salad.
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something really green - arugala? dandelion greens? (with balsamic vinagrette)
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Agree that green and unfancy is the ticket. would add watercress, baby spinach, rice vinegar is a nice alternative to balsamic....
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To complement the pork/apple combination, I would go with baby spinach, mesclun, etc., but to keep the salad from being overwhelmed by the hearty main dish, I would add some romaine hearts. Croutons would be too heavy here, so for crunch I would go with julienned jicama or water chestnuts. With apples and pork, nuts come to mind, so I would add either toasted walnuts or use walnut oil for the salad dressing. A very nice complement to the apple sauce, without using actual fruit, would be to use pear vinegar, which is sweet, but not cloying like raspberry or overwhelming like balsamic. Pear vinegar or rice vinegar would be very light alternatives. I would very lightly dust it with fresh ground black pepper (usually I would coarse grind, but with this salad, fine grind) and a light dusting of sea salt.
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My uncle says potatp salad, I say that I agree with mixing balsamic with fruit tastes.
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Another wonderful crunch is the Jerusalem artichoke, sliced thinly. Grow them in your garden all summer, cut the yellow sunflower-like blossoms for vases, and then, after the frost comes, dig up tubers, rinse and eat raw in salads. Even planting a piece of peeling will sprout. and will often show up in compost piles.
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Mashed sweet potatoes. really easy and healthy and yummy.

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