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Adding Content To A Webpage?

Asked by anon30 (334points) January 30th, 2010

Lately I’ve been looking up coding from w3 schools, now i have dream weaver cs4 and trying to build a web page (not for real but testing it out and learning from the codes)

but I’m wondering. how do people add more content to a website?
is it like a blog? has a control panel and you post content,
or do you do it all in the codes div?

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Flash, CSS, external software and services…there are numerous ways people add more content.

This blog control panel…it sounds like a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. Most websites use just straight code of one kind or another. A WYSIWYG editor usually adds excess code and is not as precise.

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I hardcode in html. What’s important is that you have an understanding of what you are doing and what you want to do with the website.

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@njnyjobs has a good point. Learn your HTML well, and then study the “higher languages” of the internet.

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so people just add content by adding it after the <body> where the div is?
it’s nothing like a blog? no word pad or nothing?

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@BlockStar22 well, you have to edit your webpage using a text editor such as notepad, wordpad or word….or you can actually use an html writer, which can guide you with the necessary codes for the formatting. and typically, content is placed under the <body>

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@BlockStar22 Think of Dreamweaver as a more complicated form of notepad. You can edit the same code in both. Dreamweaver just has more options.

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@njnyjobs uh i’m using dream weaver now. But i’m asking,
lets… say

see how they post their stuff?

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They are using a CMS of some sort. Each post is stored in a database. So when you load the page it says “get me the last ten entries” and then it automatically puts it in. But the typical structure is.

<html lang=“en”>
<meta http-equiv=“content-type” content=“text/html; charset=UTF-8”>
<meta charset=“utf-8”>


<div id=“content”>
Your stuff goes here


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Oh so you do type in the stuff in the code where it says

Your stuff goes here


what can i google to find this out? cause i don’t understand…..

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Ohhhh!!!! ok i just googled CMS
it’s some kind of program..? for editing content.

but I shouldn’t be even trying to learn that right now huh?

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anyways,,, this is what i got done so far in dream weaver
screen shot

I don’t know why but i was trying to test this Jquery out on the dreaweaver on what’ i’m making but this is what im trying to do

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A CMS software actually needs to be installed on your webhost server in order for the function to work. Check with your hosting provider if they provide a CMS software that you can use. My hosting provider offers 3 CMS softwares for my use as feature of the hosting package I subscribe to.

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im just trying to do this on dream weave though.
how can i ?

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You don’t without installing something like XAMPP.

You really need to buy a book on HTML and CSS. Then look into PHP and MySQL and Javascript.

You are seriously trying to build a brick house on mud. You need a better foundation for things to be safe. Don’t fuck with jQuery yet. Learn the basics first.

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I know i know i been for the past 2 days, html & css. i’m just messing with a little its hard to not mess with it haha.

but thanks, besides w3 schools. any other website where i can learn css and html?

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Uh one question.

alot of sites coding, etc. says to download .. something..
like “download jquery” what would i be downloading??

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Check out and . . . they offer free versions of their software

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but what is it?what am i downloading? i downloaded wordpress before and i didnt know wtf i downloaded =\

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Find a host with a one click installer. Mine is five bucks a month. It takes 30 seconds to set up wordpress.

I use

If you use them I will walk you through it. And stop using DreamWeaver until you know what you are doing. Use notepad instead.

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why stop using dreamweaver?
it’ helped me so much in 1 day.
like what a wrapper is….. wait btw

when i use a wrapper, you know the main layout part, the box.
like <div class=wrapper> (something like that)
i kno im suppose to put everything else in the wrapper div.
but wouldn’t it close when i make another div?
cause i messed up while practicing coding
each div i ended but like this

<div class=“wrapper”>
<div class=“div1”>content
<div class=“div2”>content
<div class=“div3”>content


i’m suppose to close it like this?
<div class=“wrapper”>
<div class=“div1”> content</div>
<div class=“div2”>content</div>

</div> <—closes wrapper div

is that how?

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ohhhh i figured out why jquery didn’t work

i had to download the .js file im getting this now.

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The second is correct.
You need to close tags like DIV. They are nested.

And you really need to go buy a book on HTML and CSS.

And why you should ditch DreamWeaver. It is a tool for people that know what they are doing. You don’t yet. You are hurting yourself when you don’t need too.

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