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What are some things a woman can do to be hotter?

Asked by freckles (363points) January 30th, 2010

Yeah, not like plastic surgery or any of that jazz. But like, what changable changes could someone make? Also what turn offs can a woman avoid?

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i’m confused a little…. only thing I find absolutely yuck is some one being superficial and not them selves. thats the big turn off…

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Be yourself, be confident in yourself. Outside of that, “hottness” is entirely a matter of opinion.

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Be yourself…?
That’s the one thing that defines women I respect from those who spend more of their time poring over celebrities’ lives and gossiping about them than they be themselves…

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Turn up the thermostat, put on a sweater, throw another log on the fire, wear 2 pair of socks, go through menopause, move to Africa, wear flannel. buy a down comforter.

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Be real. Wear sweat pants, laugh out loud, fart if you gotta, and say what’s on your mind.
THAT, to me, is hot!

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I could care little about social graces. If you want to look hotter, boosting panties and bras do wonders; wear clothes that are always your size or slightly undersized; curly, highlighted hair is a hard thing to perfect, and is very beautiful; and exfoliation is your friend.
Intellectually, if you want to be hotter, speak your mind, pay attention, show some tolerance at differing viewpoints and social graces, and answer some questions with relevant questions (Socratic reasoning gets me hawt ^_^). Just make sure it’s you you’re polishing, and not a persona so far removed from you that you don’t like wearing it.

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Set herself on fire.

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Read a book. That is sexy. Oh, and learn how to fix my computer.

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In somewhat more seriousness, it’s in the eye of the beholder. It depends on who you want to be considered hot by. What turns one person off could make someone else propose to you on the spot, so to speak.
There are people who like big-chested girls, flat-chested girls, skinny girls, chubby girls, tall girls, short girls, girls with long hair, girls with short hair, girly girls, tomboys, dependent girls, independent girls, asshole girls who curse a lot, emotionally reserved girls, athletic girls, girls who get into fights a lot, girls with a huge appetite, transgender girls… et cetera. There’s no way to be attractive to everyone.
I’m not exaggerating. For each preference in the above list, I’ve come across at least one person who has it.

But I think working out helps for most of us. And it has the added advantage that it makes you a healthier person.

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Go through menopause – works on so many levels.

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they can start by not ever saying “any of that jazz.”

its what rihanna said before she….well you all know what happened.

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seriously though, TIGHTS, WEAR MORE TIGHTS…dear lord how tights make me drool, they should replace all jeans, slacks, sweats, skirts etc etc etc.

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Go through menopause.

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I alway found tanning salons to be warming.
Seriously though, think enough of yourself to take care of yourself.
Smile and be content in yourself without a man.
Be activley interested in what others have to say. Listen and ask questions.
Be nice.

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Change the type of guy that you’re trying to attract to one that’s not looking for a Paris Hilton clone or a Hooter girl.

Seriously, what constitutes “hot” is different for every guy. My daughter has friends that never brush their hair, wear clothes from the Goodwill, never wear make-up, and they always have an army of guys trailing along after them like eggs behind Yoshi. They are genuine in their personality, don’t play head games, aren’t afraid to be smart, smile and make eye contact, are smart, and are relaxed. Which is exactly what the guys in the previous posts said.

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was going to log off but your question requires a response.
I have three answers.
1st. Ask ‘Him’’ not the collective.
2nd. Examine what ‘You’ could do to get the results you want.
3rd. Get out of the relationship.
The Lord made Woman with the Equipment that drives men crazy. If he isn’t enticed with what you have to offer, see answer no. 3

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Smile and be very talkative.
Also, being optimistic is a sexy trait too.

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How to be more attractive in general or how to more sexually attractive to your SO?
Everyone’s different in their tastes but I like what @tincansailorforever wrote and add that goes for anyone male or female, ask your SO what they really fancy :) Past partners have loved to see me (female) dressed in lingerie and feminine clothes with nicely done up hair, nails and perfume but my current partner could care less about those things, ya never know until you ask.

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Relax. I’m surrounded by men of all ages here and all when I hear them talking about the girls they think are hot it’s the relaxed subtle young ladies who they all like. The girls who are trying too hard, or dressing too provocative have a one night shelf life.

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@Silhouette VERY TRUE…take from a guy. those “hot” girls sure are FUN, but nothing i would want to spend more than a few hours pounding away at vagina…physicall attraction can only go so far.

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@bigboss The poor little things break my heart.

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@bigboss Too much information there…

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@HTDC what else do you think happens? i get a motel and play a game of parcheesi with some milk and cookies? we’re adults here, at least i didnt say in what position or described the actions performed.

@Silhouette they sure do. siiigh, oh well, they all grow up one day…most of them anyways. hopefully before they catch something or have an unwanted kid with no father

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@bigboss uhhhhhhhhh…............. i like milk and cookies…. i’m more child than adult most of the time…. D: and what!? what about positions! what about parcheesi? what is parcheesi…. actions performed? ...oh god….

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(produces small black object and flashes it once)
You saw nothing.

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@bean—parcheesi is a board game that i used to play as a kid.

@Fyrius WAS THAT A COOKIE!? (chases)

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@bigboss Sadly it’s the vagina pounding that makes these girls think they succeeded in looking hotter.

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@Fyrius coooonnnfffuuussseeed! D: should I be?

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@Silhouette sometimes they do succeed, but that wont help them in the long run. it just gives guys a “good time” and nothing more.

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@bigboss but then… what happens if you might some awesome girl you fall madly in love with…. but then she finds out about all those sluts you ‘banged’ and then what happens if she doesn’t want you because you turn out to just be some young man whore that she thought might of been different to the rest of the guys….. what gives a guy the right to be such a slut?

D: I don’t exactly see the succeeding side to this? or how a girl succeeds in getting named a slut ????

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@bigboss Yep, they get 15 minuets of fame and a some lame ass exit speech from the guy. “I gotta go, I told my mom I would paint her house, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

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@bean if she wants to judge me for my past than she can go fuck herself. everyone has their own past with things theyve done, i dont regret any of it. i havnt been with alot of girls and niether have i been with few girls, its in the middle. and if she doesnt want me so be it. i wouldnt want to be with someone who would judge me for what ive done.

—just becuase i wont turn down sex doesnt mean i go out looking for a new piece of meat every day. i dont consider myself a manwhore becuase all i want is someone to care for. i personally dont like the feeling i get after the act is done. that empty feeling is torture, i do it becuase i tend to think with my lower head as most guys do.

—by the way i did fall in love with someone i had sex with right when i met her. it was weird and after wards we became best friends.

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@bigboss She offers you accept and it doesn’t make either one of you sluts. It makes both of you happy for a few minutes.

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@bigboss…. sorry, I didn’t mean to direct what I said at you…. and I wasn’t…. i’m just curious, and true and I guess loving some one, you would accept everything they are or have done

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@Silhouette this is true, and i prefer more than just a few minutes…but whatever comes my be it.

@bean its ok i didnt get offended or anything.

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@bigboss so…. just say a girl is looking for a one night stand, or has sex with some one they planned on have a relationship with…. and thought it was right… but then the guy bails…. does that make her a slut?

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I come to this question to bring the ultimate truth:
1) Lose the high heels.
2) Put on some jeans.
3) Become a nerd.
4) Wear Doctor Who t-shirts.

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@bean no becuase its not her fault. its the guys fault, she didnt know and she just followed her heart.

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@LethalCupcake that…...and a big ass

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@bigboss I’ve got one of those too lol

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@LethalCupcake dont do that to meeeeee….drools

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I’ve always been told that confidence is the thing a man finds to be the “hottest” or most attractive thing about a woman. I had a college roommate who had it in abundance and she always had some man drooling after her. She was nice looking, but not a supermodel type. She always wore makeup and her hair was always done. (And Aquanetted into place!) I can think of at least 3 guys that I “lost” to her once they met her. I guess you start there.

However, from what I’ve seen, most men prefer a slim body with a biggish chest, well coiffed hair, slightly tighter clothes (whether jeans or something else), close to perfect teeth, (more so in whiteness than straightness, but no snaggletoothedness) big eyes and a face that is very, very close to symmetrical. Mind you, that’s just what I’ve seen.

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@tedibear39 i actually like an insecure woman..its easier to get her to…........ya know

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naaaa im just joking. haha

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@bigboss – LOL! That was the other thing about the roomie. She would have sex with most anyone who wanted her and stroked her ego. (Amongst other things.)

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AMONGST OTHER THINGS! ha that was funny. i love this website..

so is your roomate living in the northeast by any chance =]

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@tedibear39 and btw what you said most guys like… must live in a distant region..over here….its simple..if your thick with a big ass butt…your sexy..thats it. men are dogs in NJ…..well…at least jersey city

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Talk about their sex toys and masturbational routines.

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since you can’t be everyone’s concept of hotness at the same time, be your own version of hot and when you love how you look and what you wear, others will gravitate to you even if you’re not their ‘type’ – that is hot, to break someone out of what they think attracts them and make them attracted to you, a person, an individual, not a cliche.

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She is hot when she is not going to work hard on it.

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