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How amazing is Marion Cotillard?

Asked by Vinvisconti (1points) March 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

Have been a fan for a while…wow is she gorgeous and talented. Glad she got the Oscar.

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She is gorgeous. I don’t think I have ever seen anything she has been in. She still lives in France doesn’t she?

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Yes, she’s obviously beautiful, but she’s not that bright. She seems to think 9/11 was an American conspiracy, and that it was essentially “made up”. Well, as someone who was in Manhattan that day, I can assure her that the Twin Towers did indeed collapse, and there’s overwhelming evidence that shows exactly who was responsible.

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having just done an image search – yeah i agree does look gorgeous.

found out that she is going to be in a michael mann film “Public Enemies” – along with some quality actors johnny depp; christian bale; (film currently in pre production)

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I don’t know much about her character but she was truly amazing in La Vie En Rose…she really embodied Edith Piaf! Was happy to see her win the Oscar.

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I actually haven’t heard about her commenting on 9/11. I am very excited for “Public Enemies” with Depp, Bale & Ribisi.

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