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Can you identify this stuffed animal from the 90's?

Asked by Shuttle128 (2969points) January 30th, 2010

One of my friends asked me about a stuffed animal he has. It is somewhat special to him. His mother got it for him but unfortunately she can’t remember who the manufacturer was. He cut the tags off when he was little. It is somewhat worn and he’s worried that something will happen to it before he can find out.

According to him, it was obtained back in the 90’s. It’s about 3–4 ft long when laid out on a bed. It is brown, white, and black, and has soft fur. The tags used to be attached at the tail.

image 1

image 2

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Pound Puppies?

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Yeah, it looks like a humongous Pound Puppy or knockoff.

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Pound puppy is what I thought of too.

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[mod says] Please hold off on the jokes until a question has a legitimate answer or two.

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Yeah I know, must engage my brain first. Apologise all over the place.

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I thought it was a pound puppy grown large too. Did he stroke it a lot?

(O.K. to joke now, Auggie?)

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I actually had a Pound Puppy and I’m fairly certain it’s not one. It could be a knock-off but my friend would like to know who did make it.

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That doesn’t look like a Pound Puppy to me. I have no clue. There are no tags or anything?? Sometimes a little symbol can be stitched on somewhere.

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I don’t believe there are any stitched symbols. If there were any identifying marks I’m sure he would have included them in the description.

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That isn’t a real Pound Puppy. It doesn’t look like 90s to me, either; it looks like 80s. Maybe early 90s. It may just be any old thing, dollar store, who knows?

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Is it Squasho – The Road-kill Pooch.?

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I deal in vintage dolls and toys .. the pic’s are gone but if I could look at it I might could help.. I know how important something like this can be… I lost a small light blue bunny named wallace when I was a kid… I even know that he was made by the Gund Co… but I can’t find one anywhere… I even contacted Gund.. but they said the made SO many different items over the years that even if I had a picture they wouldn’t be able to help. Sorry.. maybe you need to just sew up and mend the old one :0) Good Luck

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