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Wrestling fans, would any of you like to see Hornswaggle finally get the beating of a lifetime?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4269points) January 30th, 2010

I hate Hornswaggle, not because he’s a midget, just because he’s always sticking his nose into other wrestler’s businesses and then he goes and hides behind other wrestlers when the going gets tough. Would anyone like to see him get broken in half? I would. P.S. Before anyone states the obvious, yes I know wrestling’s scripted and Hornswaggle is following the script. But I really HATE his character.

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Well, Mark Henry has already beaten the crap out of him once, badly. Everyone has already beaten the crap out of him anyways… But no, not really, I like Hornswaggle. Especially when he cracks that little Irish type stick on others heads it’s funny.

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I’ve seen people get a hold of him before, but not usually more than for a few seconds. You must not have watched wrestling in a while. Hornswaggle and Finley (the guy who owns the “Irish type stick” so Hornswaggle doesn’t get to use it anymore. I want to see Horswaggle get injured, badly.

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You must not have watched wrestling in a while.” ahaha test me. Yes I know who Finley is. And I’ve seen him let Hornswaggle use it either way.

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I wasn’t trying to challenge your wrestling knowledge or offend you, but Hornswaggle and Finlay haven’t been coming out together in months and that “Irish Stick Thing” is called a shelalie. I don’t think that’s spelled right, but that’s what it’s called.

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I’d love to see him get a vicious beat down. Perhaps he and Santino could partner against Big show. Let Show whoop both of them.

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Finally, someone who hates him as much (at least I think you do) as I do. +5 lurve

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