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Does anyone else think Al Sharpton is a bigot and a racist? Why or why not?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4259points) January 30th, 2010

I do because he’s always screaming discrimination and always blaming white people for every bad thing that happens to black people and that keeps the racial tensions high and I’m sure he knows it.

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I think he cannot move on and he thinks he still needs to lead a crusade for the “black man”. the problem is that even african americans are beginning not to like him because he doesn’t say anything meaningful. I think he spreads hateful rhetoric and he’s a figure that actually hurts the african americans rather then help them

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of course he does. And he wants to keep that mentality alive. He is too obnoxious. I can’t listen to him

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Excellent answer! I agree. He makes black people seem like they’re all racist, which all of them aren’t, just as all white people aren’t racist. I think Al Sharpton wants to make all black people hate white people though.

I’m with you there, it’s hard to listen to him or Rev. Wright.

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He’s just an ass.

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Short, sweet and to the point, I like your style! :-) +5lurve

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You’re quite welcome. By the way has anyone ever told you that your name matches your avatar? :-P

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I agree with you..
After the Terwoner Burly incident he became a person I had little respect for.
We elected a Black president most Americans do not judge people by the color of their skin. He stills spreads hatred.
I respect people that see us all as Americans. People who wish to bring us together .

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal No sir, you’re the first. :o)

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Al Sharpton is a pragmatist. He will always say and be what works for him. You may not be old enough to have seen him go through his metomorphosi. There was a time when he was the most confrontational activist around by jumping into any racially charged event with a knee jerk anti-government bias. That seemed to work to build a base in the 80’s. He kind of shot himself in the foot in the Tawana Brawley case as he came close to stirring up violence and stayed at the party too long.

He revamped his image in the mid 90;s going from a dashiki wearing Black Panther wannabe to a well groomed, business suit wearing elder statesman. Now he wants to be a political force so he;s all about getting his picture taken with establishment figures and claiming credit for President Obama’s election. Only the most inexperienced pay attention to him. He will hang around as long as he can bring in some votes but he is otherwise irrelevant

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Amen to that @philosopher I just wish people like him would stop focusing on what isn’t being accomplished and focuses on how far we have come in the face of equality. I know we still have a ways to go but there has been dramatic improvement in making race a footnote instead of a primary body in the way we think. I am just tired of negativity and everytime i see him or the “great” jesse jackson i just want to turn the tv off again.

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Well I guess that makes me special and observant. lol :-P

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I am a positive person . I live in New York. I am more familiar with Sharpton.
I think it is time all Americans work together to better America.
I am not naive. I worked in Manhattan with people of every creed and color from all over the world.
When we were involved in getting the job done well. We usually concentrated on the task at hand. Friendships were formed and success was shared.

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I agree with @galileogirl.

My addition to her answer: his message is racist, I believe that he believes that crap (that would be a “yes” on racist), however he would not spew it if it did not get what he wants. There is the whole thing: he is still getting enough power that he is continuing. He would drop all of that stuff, no matter how strongly he believed in it, if it did not get him power. It is not for “his people.” It is for power and money.

The sad thing about him is that he is hurting his own people more than anyone else. He is annoying everyone, including blacks, that do not buy his message. He is feeding a bunch of, well, crap to those who do. The ones of all ethnicities who believe that he is the “voice of African Americans” who are annoyed by his message tend to, from what I have seen, look down on black people because of it, no matter whether or not they buy that bull. I am not one of those people… I know better.

Personally I know many black people who would push him under a bus.

I think that he should become completely irrelevant quicker and gives us all a break. Luckily he is heading into the “joke” zone.

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Once again, you always have something, wise to say, just like back in our AB days. It’s good to see you here.

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@philosopher thankyou.

@Self_Consuming_Cannibal thankyou. I do my best. It is good to see you here too.

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Yes, I think he is a racist.
You all have expressed it so well, I don’t need to say any more.

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@philosopher I think you may be referring to the Tawana Brawley incident. I was suckered into that and was a bit shocked at the outcome. I was outraged at the beginning and slowly hoax came out. All I can figure is that girl was manipulated to do what she did. I do not think that she, herself, should have had the media flaying. Those who manipulated her and rode on her stories’ coattails, like Sharpton, deserved that honor.

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I don’t know how anyone could ever forget or even forgive the Tawana Brawley incident. Sharpton spreads hate. I hope and pray for a day when all Americans can work together . I also dislike partisan Politicians and find fault with all of them . I am the one who objectively gives points to both the R and L; and than says you both have good points. They both lack the common sense to find solutions that work for the American Middle Class. They both work for the the Lobbyist.
I am getting off point. We need leaders who help us work together to improve the quality of life for Americans. Hateful people hurt us all.

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@philosopher I think that the girl, herself, is a minor player. I think that the ones who set up the hoax (most likely her parents) and people who road on her coattails (Sharpton and anyone else I missed) are the ones who really should have been dragged out by the media and flayed. I do not forgive the incident…. I just think that the wrong players were flayed.

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She I believe was a manipulated minor. Sharpton lead the Parents. The Parents are still responsible ;but Sharpton seems to use people. He thrives on peoples misfortune. He separates Americans. He makes people hate each other. We should all be working together. To find solutions.

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While slavery no longer exist today, racism still has survived to modern times, even affecting our most democratic and sophisticated contemporary society.

Slavery can’t be revived by no means; it has been totally abolished, repealed. Racism, a social dilemma, has constituted a kind of comfortable impracticality idealism today, and a intransigent justification by the reactionary, apart from scientific exploited to feed up and support the idea of a high, superior race.

Racial discrimination has also been used by those who justify this problema when at refusing to accept blacks as part of our the social order, as well as it has been a way of explaining segregation of emancipated slaves. Whites are forced to integrate and interact with blacks, thus having no more choice than acknowledge and accept blacks within our civilization, granting them rights as equals today.

Slave traders –traffickers- used to refer to blacks as “pieces” in the past, and gave them the status of animals.

This judgment was also applied to black women, not exactly treated with kindness or compassion either 5 or 10 percent of black population while whites used to fornicate with black women slaves “Ad Líbitum.” Progenity resulting from such forced deviant sex with women, didn’t worry any person, for these children were treated as animals by plantation owners too.

Black slaves weren’t rejected or hated so much by their white masters in any way, provided nobody would show hatred if this is about your esteemed work beasts, even if they they could talk, learn difficult tasks or jobs, or even perform as foreman. Blacks also were able to sew, play musical instruments, to the extent of reciting and declaim poems, save for black slaves were restrained and moderated, under control, away from whites, by a formidable social barrel whereas they were regarded slaves.

It was normal in an evening party to be cheered, made pleasant by a black talented, gifted musician, except that only being approved, praised and applaused as a picturesque creature. There are tales about white’s wives who wouldn’t consider an infidelity –or give it the status of infidelity- at all, if their husbands would have a sexual occurrence, or “love affair,” and such accidents with black women slaves went unpunished, nor sanctioned either. White’s sons also would imitate their father’s sexual patern, lay down black slave women, and judgment about this wrongdoing, misconduct by the white was rather considered a filthy act hygiene than that of moral implications by the persons caught in the crime. Consequently, sons born out of these “chances” were considered less than bastards by whites.

Some curious stuff here is the fact that all slaves were brought in to America from different regions in Africa. Therefore it’s obvious slaves speaking different languages, so comunication among themselves had been too complex or hampered.

The only way out of this comunication problem would be their learning the despot and tyran’s language and ended up speaking Spanish, Castilian, Portuguese, or English if they wished to find a quick option to exchange a few words.

You just figure out, imagine yoursel looking out of a balcony only to listen to the sounds of Shakespeare / Cervantes language in this mess!!

Whites didn’t show so much hatred by exploiting black, keeping them in warehouses and punishment if they disobeyed, than having to stand, support and assume blacks as equal today. It has been too difficult for whites allowing blacks into their schools classrooms to rob elbows with blacks, be friendly with them at neightboorhoods, bussiness, spectacles and hinder white women from loving a black guy.

This amend hadn’t yet been assimilated by white elite, forced to turn to racial isolation in the way we know it today. Latin and Caribean Creoles have received, beared a rejection by thewhites, greatly, suffering quietly by white’s attitude, of a different culture, given that whites have always wished to take revenge on blacks.

Not withstanding these circumstances above described, plus some others not mentioned in this work, racism always linked to black people, has also been a fenomenon linked to other circumstances not necesssarily skin color like for instance: anti semitic movement. Hitler, seeking to exterminate Jewish race, had never never referred to a particular race or skin color, rather an anti semitic movemen aimed at fighting a culture and faith instead.

Definitely racism is abject in many ways, a contemptible practice we shoud eliminate.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s black or white.”

Michael Jackson


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@marcosurbina The Jews were not the only ones Hitler tried to exterminate. My people were equal targets and had equal losses to the Jews. Both Gypsies and Jews were in the Final Solution itself. If you want my proof, pm me.

Black people are not the only people who have faced discrimination in this nation. There are more than blacks and whites. Racism is not always linked to black people.

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I agree with.
I think Hillary lost the election because some Men still discriminate against Women. Many groups are discriminated against in this world. The list is endless. Some people can not tolerate anyone who does not conform to their imposed norm. This ignorance causes War. We are all Humans and share more similarities than differences.
Remember some people still attempt to deny how many Jews were killed by Hitler.

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@philosopher My people are listed as “others” in the Holocaust recounting, if at all, when we were one of the two peoples in the Final Solution itself, experiencing losses equal to the Jews. I also have spent a lot of time debating with Holocaust deniers. My crowning moment was when one of them said that he wished Hitler had gotten my family along with the rest of my people… on open board. That was one of the funniest internet things I have seen and I was banned because I kept posting the screenshot of it after this guys Holocaust denying posts. The banstick was oh so worth it. :D.

It seems that America often forgets that there are more than two ethnicities (“races”). Now Hispanics are coming to the forefront as well but the rest of us, including Native Americans, are just kind of forgotten.

Racism is hardly the only “ism.” The sad thing is that, even if “race” were eliminated, or if we were all the same “race,” persecution would not end. It would just shift to other things. It already has. Even if we were all, basically, clones, mankind would find another reason to discriminate. People who say that everything would be just so hunky dory if we eliminated *race*ism and/or were all the same “race” are not students of human nature.

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