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My buddy needs an article addressing some international topic for a current events discussion..any ideas?

Asked by mistermister (257points) January 14th, 2007
To explain: I have to lead a current events discussion for a group of folks, i had to pick a local, national and international article to discuss. I have found the first two but not the international one. It can be about anything, just has to be interesting. it has to be a stand alone article, with enough context so that everyone feels able to discuss the topic.
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the question of prosecuting human rights offenders in chile after the death of augusto pinochet
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island nations' stance in the kyoto protocols
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the utility of truth and reconciliation commissions in places like south africa
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I think global warming would be a good international topic. what are different countries doing to address this issue, etc. If you want an interesting angle, you can talk about the island nation of the Maldives, which is expected to be almost entirely underwater as a result of global warming. by other nations dragging their feet about reducing their carbon emissions, is that in some ways an act of agression against the island nations that will suffer, etc?
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here's a link to an article from a less-than-intellectual source, but you can start with this simple USAToday article and use that as a jumping-off point for a much more interesting discussion. USAToday is a crappy paper but I think it's a good one to base a discussion on because it has the highest circulation of any paper in the U.S., so it reflects how the majority of the American public is seeing an issue, rather than the more nuanced coverage you are likely to find in the NYTimes.
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I'm sure you don't care any more but there's an article in January's National Geographic that is INCREDIBLE about Globalization and the Nigerian Oil Delta. It pretty much sums up all the positive and negative features of globalization right in the article.
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and is just an amazing article . . . I highly recommend checkin' it out

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