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I'm curious why it seems that George Washington isn't wearing a shirt on a quarter.

Asked by kyle94481 (214points) January 30th, 2010

My mom says it’s because it’s just a bust, but I say otherwise. Go ahead, look on a quarter. You can see the muscles in his neck too.

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wouldn’t a ruffled collar look weird? He looks more like a manly man with that muscular neck than a lacy collar would.

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If you’re going to have your face put on currency for the next couple hundred years, you might as well make yourself look sexay. Better that than just an old geiser who was president.

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Of course I had to look.
He does look like a stud though.
Then I checked the nickle. Jefferson has a high collar on.
He looks good too, I like the pony tails.

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The portrait on the quarter was based on this bust by Jean Antoine Houdon, which was modeled from a “life cast”. That means that the sculptor actually smeared plaster on George Washington to capture his actual likeness. That process kind of makes clothing out of the question. One of the stipulations in the contest for the design of the coin porrait was that it had to be based on the Houdon bust.

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It was either a bow, or a shirt.
He couldn’t have both.

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Thanks for the replies, it’s been bugging me for a while now.

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sun’s out guns out I suppose

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The dude should have flashed his hippo smile to~

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