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Why does Japanese animation (anime) become so addicting?

Asked by Esculent (48points) January 30th, 2010

I was bored one day so I decided to go watch some cartoon or something and I discovered anime. These shows become so addicting you dread having to stop watching them and the weirdest part is the shows are absolutely terrible. For example one of these shows I watched is called Kanokon and it’s mind boggingly stupid but you can’t stop watching it. The plot, animation, and the characters make you want to scream but you come to watch the entire series. Is there any specific reason for this or am I just becoming way to lazy and this requires no work effort so it pleases me.

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You just started watching anime, right? I’m a frequent watcher of it myself, and I don’t find the plots to be as horrible as you describe.

Anime is addicting probably because of the funky animation – those eyes draw you in. Why? Because they are deep and reveal the character’s thoughts. Also, character development in Japanese anime tends to be quick.

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@Spinel yes I just started watching anime.

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go to when you get a chance.there is more then one type of anime, usaully the best ones come from very popular manga, which are japanese comics. Manhua are chinese comics and the version of animie is really good, but if you really like what you’ve just discovered your going to have a great time learning about the culture of anime. have fun

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That’s how I got started watching Lost. Thankfully I got over that soon enough.

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It’s because you’re like, THERE HAS GOT TO BE A POINT TO THIS!!!! (There usually isn’t.)
Also, the facial expressions in anime are priceless :)

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The plot, animation, and the characters make you want to scream.

Speak for yourself. I personally don’t tend to watch TV that I don’t like. Call me crazy… :\

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Let’s face it: American animation has become quite…pathetic. One can only watch Ed, edd n eddy so many times.

Plus, the Japanese animators are quite…out there with some tactics.

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@Spinel yea American animation has become sad but the Japanese are unique I guess you could say. The way they make some of the characters do some of these things such as ten guys trying to sneak into a girls hot bath and then to have all the guys murdered by traps before they get there makes you wonder why you are still watching but still guess the Japanese have already caught another victim to watch these shows.

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@Esculent – trying finding some anime on video. If you can find any of the Tenchi serieseses (I hate trying to do a plural on a word ending in “s”) , you may find that more interesting. Cowboy Bebop is supposed to be good as well. Evangelion is also good. You aren’t likely to find these on TV and may have to look for DVDs.

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omg thats how i feel. i love watching anime but some of them im like “why am i watching this” but i cant stop. they are sooo amazimg. i also love anime music. have you watched azumanga daioh. that is a good one and it is very funny.

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@tedibear39 Good news! “Series” is both singular and plural!

You may simply be drawn to the novelty. Anime developed alongside regular TV programming instead of being adapted from vaudeville and then deemed the appropriate medium for children’s television. On top of that, anime reflects the norms and values of the foreign culture that developed it, and Japan has long been considered by the West to be exotic.
You’re going to get deeper plots with story arcs and wilder plot devices and a broader range of ideas (Eve No Jikan, for instance, seriously contemplates life with androids) than you would in, say, Dexter’s Laboratory, and that, I think, is what you latch on to. The rest is icing.

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@Nullo So, a physiologist and a general…an interesting [scary?] combination. ;)

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Because american shows are lazy and dont offer any kinda depth to their characters.

Compare anyone to Vash the Stamped. You’ll see what I mean.

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@Nullo That “physiologist” should be “psychologist.” Lesson to all Flutherers out there…don’t “Fluther” when you’re really tired. Bad things happen.

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(Really though, I studied nothing so lofty as psychology. I was in communications and media studies :D)

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@All Flutherers…don’t “Fluther when you’re really tired. Interesting information appears that your tired brain can’t process.

@Nullo You are full of surprises, aren’t you?” :)

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Not so many as my fellow Flutherites, I suspect :)

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Because the japanese really know how to bring it! They don’t censor a lot of their stuff and the anime themselves are so diverse. You have anime for little kids, and grown up anime. Although you may get a little kids show, they are suitable for grown people to actually watch and enjoy. I wish they would show nothing but anime on our TV’s

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Because the art is good! But unfortunately it can be kind of pornographic so that might be a reason for some guys.

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@Esculent You made the unfortunate mistake of investing your time in Kanokon, which exists almost exclusively to provide fanservice. If you want a more concrete plot, I suggest that you look into the mystery genre.

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I was in the same situation as you a year ago. i couldn’t stop watching. that’s when i decided that i would become a voice actor in anime. its allot of fun to practice and suggest going here you said that you felt lazy well if you practice voice acting you can do something with your life and still be around anime at the same time. As for why it becomes so auditing i cant answer that question. I guess if you truly like anime it just happens.

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