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Will 3d tv Be a success?

Asked by Jay170590 (335points) January 31st, 2010 from iPhone

Sky in the uk are about to broadcast the first ever sports event in 3d, will 3d tv be any good or will people not be that bothered?

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Well, I for one kind of like the television our family uses right now in the rare times that I watch. I don’t think 3D will make that much of a difference, and though it may add to the realism of the experience…wasn’t there a man that died recently of a stroke because of Avatar?’s the link.

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@belakyre He died because he got exited.. Could just as well be from a music piece, sex or a birthday gift…

As for the 3D TV´s.. I doubt it.. as long as you will need glasses to watch it,along with a new TV (perhaps even a new BD player) The initial expense will put to many off it. It might become more standardized if they include it as a additional feature for every tv, so it will slowly saturate the market.
Perhaps as an evolution, but I thin a 3D revolution is out of the question.

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Yes but it’ll be just like Hi-Def !! The TVs will be incredibly expensive and have tons of bug !! Then after a few years the prices will drop and they’ll get it right !!

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Have you seen it? It is incredible! No 3d glasses are needed. At least, not the version I saw. The only problem was that you had to look at it from one specific angle. But I’ll bet that’s beens solved by now. No, this will take over just as color did and Hi def did. Ten years from now, the children will be incredulous that anyone could watch 2d tv. Ok. Maybe 20.

Kind of funny considering my parents have not even gotten their hi def set yet.

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I think it will, eventually. People (most) like new technology and I think the public will embrace it. But some predictions are that it will be another 5 years before we see 3-D TV’s in the average home. I don’t think people are ready for it. Families are just getting used to switching to new HD TV’s and I would think people aren’t going to spend thousands of dollars on an all new 3-D television already.

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I agree with @Pretty_Lilly it will be a success but not right away. 1st gen models won’t catch on, but further down the line 3d technology will find it’s way into the average person’s home.

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It won’t be immediately accepted, but with a few improvements and acceptance, it will be accepted. It just depends on the price and desire to replace their existing TVs. They’ll look at it once they start looking for another TV.

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This is something Hollywood has been been pursuing for years. The Vincent Price movie House of Wax(1953_film) was released in 3D. Here it is almost 60 years later and the technology seems to have finally caught up with the vision.

We’ll get 3D, alright…

whether we want it or not.

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