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Do vampires really exist?

Asked by Holden_Caulfield (1139points) January 31st, 2010

We all know about the mythical creatures of lore and the tragic character of Dracula so beautifully created by Bram Stoker. We also know that our children ask the question of whether or not vampires exist. We probably, at some level ask ourselves that same question, because in essence, vampires drain life blood from their victims to the point that they do not die, but rather, become like them… walking the earth dead and and never satisfied; doing the same to others. Are their people who fit this description and is it only blood they seek? Or are their also emotional vampires, psychic vampires, etc that are real and fit the description of these mythical characters. Have you ever encountered one?

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Malignant Narcissist = Emotional vampire.

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maybe the term is just a bit far fetched…

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<——emotional vampire (hopefully not malignant narcissist—one of those vampires who tries to live off frogs and beetles and whatnot instead of people)

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If you mean are there really dead bodies animated through magick who have to drink human blood to provide energy for their dead bodies to move, and will be destroyed if exposed to unfiltered sunlight…no.

But if you mean is there a subculture of people who call themselves “vampires” (just like there are people who call themselves Emos, Mormons, Hells Angels, Rebublicans, Model Railroaders, etc., etc. and dress in a particular fashion and follow a particular lifestyle) then….yes.

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Maybe imitating the film stereotype image of a vampire has become a counterculture fad. But the actual “undead” as described by Stoker et al are fictional constructs. There are some creatures (mosquitos, some types of bats that feed off blood).

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I bet the idea of a vampire originated back in the middle ages. There was probably a cult that felt the desire to sleep during the day, wear all black, and for some reason had the desire for human blood, because they believed it was necessary for their survival. They may have filed their teeth to make points or something. It’s just a theory, I know very little about Vampires, even in lore.

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People believe in weird things to fill a spiritual void. Smart people believe in weird things because they are very good at defending positions they arrived at through non-smart reasons.

Vampires do have meanings in myths and fictional literature. That’s it.

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Well, there are real cannibals, so I suppose if one had a thing for blood, and infectious disease…

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No, vampires don’t exist. People with a need for blood do exist – they have a chemical issue.

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Yes. Going by your theory that there can be many types of vampires, the government is a money and freedom vampire

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They sure do ‘xist I saws they on the TV once, ain’t no lying there, they was blood suckin’ and all kinds of shit. Hooo Haaa

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Energy vampires exist- there a lots of them and I think I knew a bunch. People who can suck the happiness out of you just by seeing their phone number on your Display.

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Stop giving me coffee for a week or two and you will find out.

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@faye – Yes, I know them well. Luckily I now have call display so I can use the anti-life sucking vampire technique and hit end call.

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Yes and Countess MIL usually shows up at most holiday and birthday gatherings and along with my blood she also drinks red wine and usually all I have on hand.

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There are in term of people who are deprived of “energy” and need it to live. They can feed of of sexual energy, emotional energy and more. I had a good site but lost it, ill try to find it.

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Sounds like someone didn’t like my answer
This is the site.

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Well “blood” is an important part in a lot of religions eg. Christianity, blood of Jesus saves, blood sacrifices. I suppose it is inevitible that fictional creatures that rely on blood to exist would arise. We are all drained by life in general, a job you hate, financial issues or whatever. We all fear death and like the thought of immortality. We all want to be vampires who could live forever, are superstrong and can rip your annoying boss’s head off.
These fictional creatures are there for our imaginations to escape the dreary confines of everyday life.
Now…who wants beer!

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Don’t be so sure that Vampires don’t exist…afterall, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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