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What was the oddest belief you held as a child?

Asked by Spinel (3220points) January 31st, 2010

I don’t mean religious wise…more along the lines of life in general. Was there something strange you believed as a child and then as an adult look back upon and go “what was I thinking?”

For example, as a child, I believed that wind was caused by the earth’s rotation. Whenever the earth moved, wind formed. Of course now, I wonder why the fifth grade science class never sunk until way later.

So what about you? What were some odd notions you accepted as fact when young, but now know to be ridiculous?

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I used to believe that adults were born old, and stayed that way forever. That belief obviously left over time :P

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If you watch TV too much you get square eyes. haha

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I’ve answered this before, but since you asked…I used to think that if you ate bread when you had to pee, the bread would soak the water up and you wouldn’t have to pee anymore.

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That God was real.

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I thought there were lots of little people living in my body making all my organs etc work!

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I thought the people on Sesame Street were talking to me, and I thought I could get sucked down the drain during bath time

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I used to believe that there were little mens in the grass.

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That being an adult would be so much better and more fun than being a child!

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I thought the Toothfairy ate at this restaurant called Ryan’s because my parents accidentally left the receipt under my pillow once o_O.

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@Chongalicious Now that brought a smile. ;)

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I assumed I could develop magical powers, like levitation, telekinesis and setting stuff on fire with a cool gesture. All I had to do was believe really hard that I could do it, and then just practise a lot until I got the hang of it.
Unfortunately, faith can’t really move mountains.

And everyone else could probably read each other’s minds. (Turns out I just sucked at understanding people.)

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My Grandmother told me when I was really young that when babies were born they have all of the knowledge of the world. All of the languages, all of the secrets and mysteries that even really smart people don’t know. Then at exactly the moment when the baby is about to learn to speak, an angel appears and gently lays a finger on the baby’s lips and says “shush” and thats why we all have that little dip in our top lip, from the angel’s finger. Years I believed that :-) still makes me smile when i think of it, I’d love to think that every baby has his/her very own angel.
hugs honeys xx

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Whenever I used to watch an old black&white movie or news footage I thought that back then the whole world was lived in monochrome.

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@Spinel and @Self_Consuming_Cannibal, 100% true. I ran out of my room going MOM!!!! Look! The Toothfairy eats there too!!! She made one of those I-didn’t-do-it faces, LMAO!

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An older cousin told me the rhine of the watermelon was poisonous, so for awhile I left an inch of red watermelon left that I wasted lol.

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I used to think that when you moved, you traded houses with the people who owned the house you were moving into, and vice versa.

I also used to think that when you were driving and needed to make a turn, the car was able to read through your hands on the wheel which way you wanted to go, and would turn on the turn signals.

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I used to think that whatever way I was facing was North…I was stupid.

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“I used to think that when you moved, you traded houses with the people who owned the house you were moving into, and vice versa.”
Me too!
And I believed people who moved would leave all their furniture and everything behind.

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When I was little, I was eating watermelon and my grandfather told me that if I swallowed the seeds, a watermelon would grow in my stomach. This terrified me for several years, I really believed it would happen and avoided swallowing any kind of seed.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

That the job of sailors was to mow the lawn and drive father to work.

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That my parents knew best.

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Acne will grow on your face if you don’t finish your meal. Don’t wonder around at night because ghost will follow you.

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That teachers knew everything

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

That I knew more than the teachers.

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A blanket over my head makes me invisible

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Teachers or Janitors lived in the school

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Up until middle school my grandfather told me Cantaloupe came from Antelope. I totally believed him.

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Good answer. I think we all believed that as a child. I know I did.

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I used to think I was invincible and could kick anybody’s ass.

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When I first heard of a lie detector, I thought that it could detect objective truth. I wondered why you couldn’t use it to find out the answer to any question (as long as it came down to “yes” or “no”). I soon figured out that it meant something else, though.

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As well, my father tricked me into believing in a “midget restaurant” which only served midgets.

Self_Consuming_Cannibal's avatar

I’ve never heard that one before. +5 lurve

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There was a woman at our church who had a huge bubble butt and the way she walked, her legs kind of stuck froward and her butt went back exactly like porky pig. I thought she had a real pig butt and a curly tail.

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal I still believe I can kick ass sometimes :P

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I remember once thinking that the area between those itty-bitty creases in the skin were individual cells.

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That pulling funny faces in the wind could become stuck. That always use to make me stop pulling faces at people…

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I remember after watching the original star wars trilogy, I tried to do “the force”.

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@j3fr0 – Ha.. you reminded me of something else. I remember a rumor going around that if you made a funny face and someone slapped you on the back, your face would get stuck like that. No one was brave enough to try it, so the rumor persisted for a while.

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I also was a very literal minded person. My mom used to threaten that she would “Knock me into the middle of next week.” I thought that I would be in some Twilight Zone place all alone, waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. I wasn’t sure if it would, or if I’d stay ahead of everybody.

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@MissAnthrope My grandfather told me the same about seeds, thank goodness my mom set me straight. He said a lot of things to scare my sister and me, and it used to really freak my sister out. Like, if you don’t wash the soap off of your face well, it will dry and then your face will crack off. Where did he come up with this stuff?

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@Chongalicious @j3fr0
Yeah, me too. Just not someone who’s so much bigger than me, they make me look like a child.

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Sorry I accidentally pasted your name to my last answer.

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That last one has some truth to it, beyond the immense exaggeration. Soap on your skin that’s not washed off will dry it out, and then your skin can become a bit cracked.
This may or may not be stating the obvious.

Did you know you can edit recent posts?

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The more you know

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@Fyrius lol. I guess, but my grandpa said it to freak us out, he got a kick out of it. My sister would go crying to my grandmother, and my grandma would scold my grandfather for scaring her. Lol.

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I used to believe Lake Michigan was an ocean. It sure looks like it could be from the shoreline.

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@aprilsimnel: I believed the same of Lake Huron when I was very small. :-)

One day I overheard a classmate saying he had his tonsils taken out. Curious, I later asked my Dad if I ever had my tonsils taken out as well. He told me at least four times; they kept growing back! Taking him at face value, I shared that tidbit with my class the next morning. Dad still ribs me for it occasionally.

On a less happy note, I once believed my sister would always be there.


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@aprilsimnel Where are you from? I grew up on Lake Huron.

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That I was pledging allegiance to ”... the Republic for Richard Stands.”

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I used to get “indivisible” confused with “invisible”

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I thought that the reason women had a train on their wedding veil was so attendants could hold it up and carry a baby in it. \edit: Just thought of another funny one.
My parents went to a restaurant and brought me home leftovers in a “people bag.” They actually had leftover bags that said that instead of “doggy bag.”
I took it to school for show and tell the next day. I must have been in kindergarten or first grade because I couldn’t read it.
I proudly stood up and said, “My parents brought me home a pee hole bag!”

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> The oddest one must be that life was fair.
> The most emberassing one was probably that I couldn’t grasp the concept of timezones and difference in calender years. I used to think Tokyo really was in the future. Apparently I also used to think Tokyo was part of China or using the Lunar calendar used in China :)

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That Spock misbehaved when he was young and one of his teachers dragged him to detention repeatedly pulling at his ears.

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Burying a quarter in my backyard will make me rich when I go back and dig it up.

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Quarter tree?

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@Fyrius No I wasn’t trying to plant a quarter tree, I just thought I could come back and dig it up in a few years and be worth a ton of money.

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I believed that The Monkees lived in my backyard. I’d wink at them through the window everyyyy night. Too many Nick At Nite reruns.

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Reminds me of Raiders of the Lost Ark, and that guy’s comment about how things buried accumulate value.

Before I got me some geography, I had a really skewed idea of what was where, and how it looked. Europe and everywhere else was a blob of land that-a-way. I knew that Italy was more or less boot-shaped, but I figured that Venice was aaaaall the way down where Calabria and Puglia are, and that it took up the entire coastal area that forms the “arch” of the boot.

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