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Could I use just regular pipe cleaners from the art section to clean my corn cob pipe or do I need real ones?

Asked by micksarecool (53points) March 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

I found decorative cleaners at wal mart but will they work or just fall apart in the pipe tobacco dirt

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they’ll work, but you might have to blow out little “fluffies” left from the pipe ha. i’d go to a place like the Tinder Box and try and find some specifically for pipe cleaning.

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First of all, What the heck are you smoking out of a corn cob pipe for? That is some OOOOOOOOOOOLD SCHOOL technology. You should get a glass! If those pipe cleaners don’t work, you can always do like they did back in the day, just cut a new corn cob.

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My SO smokes a corn cob pipe. He buys them at the store, and doesn’t “carve up a corn cob” as bulbatron must think. The pipe cleaners you mentioned at Wal mart will work, but not as well as the ones ishotthesheriff suggested. A glass pipe??? What are you smoking in that?

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I was just trying to save micksarecool a couple of bucks. What do you think corn cob pipes are made out of scamp? I was just recently informed, by an undisclosed source, that corn cob pipes make you look bad-ass!

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Corn cob pipes are exactly what the name implies. They are made from corn cobs. When you suggested he “cut himself a new one” it sounded like you thought he was carving them himself. LOL at looking bad-ass while smoking one. I told SO you said that, and he fired his up and is now struttin his stuff!! BTW, the video cracked me up.

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