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What are some good vacation ideas?

Asked by Qwertymuffin411 (550points) January 31st, 2010

Looking for a place to go in the US for the whole family, something fun for the kids/teens, but enjoyable for adults too (some history stuff?), but preferably not too expensive as vacations go. Thanks!

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Downhill skiing! The snowfall this year is unbelievable! And the prices are pretty decent. If you enjoy exercise, learning about the great outdoors, and speed, then skiing might be the way to go. Look into the NW part of the country for some really resorts, but stay away from ones that only use fake snow. Mid-February to early March is the best time to go. Temperatures are higher, ice is rarer but the snow is still excellent.

One warning if you decide to go skiing: bring your own lunches. The prices of lunch at a sky resort are horrendous (e.g. $4.50 for a burger). I think it’s the way they make up for cheaper tickets.

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There’s rarely anything better than Yosemite National Park. Or any National Park.

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@Kraigmo Another great idea. I think of the paint pots in Yellowstone. :)

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Italy :) oops! I didn’t read >_<
How bout Little Itay! haha
But seriously The Carolinas are beautiful.

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In the US. Defiantly Disney world. That place is awesome. Outside of the US…

Dominican Republic. They have some AWESOME resorts there and some great cultural stuff. I had a great time down there and I would definatly recommend it over other places like Jamaica (yuck).

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Florida is a very affordable bargain this time of year and right now especially. Take a look at for some real vacation bargains.

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Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam. You can get cheap air fare to Vegas from just about anywhere, and rent a car from there and drive.

Another great trip is to go to Washington DC, Williamsburg and the beaches in Virginia.

We really liked St. George Island, FL. It’s quite reasonable, and driving Highway 10 for day or two in New Orleans is easy.

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