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What would you put in a car/house first aid kit if money was not an object?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10191points) January 31st, 2010

I have a medical spending account that I can use to buy first aid supplies. I think having a good first aid kit in the car/house is a good idea. There are many prestocked first aid kits on the market, but I would rather make my own with items that I select. What would you put considering limitations of space, possible injuries, shelf-life, etc.

What would you use to store them. I like pelican cases.

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If money were NO object? A fully stocked and staffed Level I trauma center and cardiac care unit at the bare minimum.

Of course, money is ALWAYS an object. So some antibiotics and sterile water and gauze, some adhesive tape. A small pair of scissors. Alcohol for cleansing and sterilizing. That should handle immediate care for even a fairly serious flesh wound. BTW, there are antibiotic creams that come with built in topical pain relievers. Great idea since you probably aren’t going to be able to stock morphine ampules.

Some aspirin for fevers and pain. Perhaps some antiacid and a stomach settler such as Kaopectate. Mine would have to include a decongestant and expectorant for allergy attacks.

Here’s a good comprehensive list.

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@ETpro lol, size limits…

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Is there a medical supply store near you? They offer cases used by ambulances that are good for storing trauma paraphernalia. The one in my house has a bunch of pouches that roll out.

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The pre stocked kits are usually junk. For a car you should have a good pair of scissors, some tape, sterile water, ace wrap, gauze pads and a few pair of sterile gloves if you can swing them. Also a bit of antibacterial gel and a can of topical ansethetic for those emergency sunburns! You could also invest in a mylar blanket. They fold up into about a 4×4 square and can keep a person warm who is bleeding internally. That and propping up their legs is about all you can do for this person but can make a difference.
Same thing for the house, unless you want to add an AED. If you’re qualified to give rescue breathing then you could also add a couple face masks.
Just think about what type of injuries are likely to occur and what would you need to give first responder assistance until EMT’s arrive. I’m sure I’ve left something out….
Tackle boxes are good. They have trays and drawers. Stuff that zips can slow you down, but it’s just dependent on your preference, I guess. You have to keep an eye on the dates and swap stuff out as it gets near to expiration. A simple plastic sheet taped to the side with inspection dates works, or outlook has calendar notification you can have pop up a week before exp. dates or whenever…

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Whatever you decide upon put them in 50 Cal ammo cans from government surplus. You can get nice ones for $5. They are water and air tight and strong.

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This is what the Red Cross suggests. I’d add Aleve/Advil/Tylenol to that list; everyone can’t take aspirin.

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If money was no object? A defibrillator.

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If money was no object this one seems top notch for what I might want on board wherever I go…add a suture kit and you should be all set.

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@Cruiser whoa…cool first aid kit!

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@Ltryptophan That’s exactly what I said!! lol!

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@aprilsimnel, good call on Aleve, but don’t eliminate the aspirin. Keep it for angina and TIA’s.

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quick clot and a Defibrillator If cost were no object. (In addition to the usual suspects.)

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@Judi I neer heard of Quick clot. I grasp it though. That would be a great thing to have. Is it available for anyone to buy or only to licensed medical personnel?
As for the defibrillator, I think an AED is better because it reads the rhythm and shocks automatically.

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I put a link to buy it from amazon.

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I’ve bought Quick clot for work out of a first aid supplies catalogue before.

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@Judi. Oh. God I’m a rock. If brains were black powder, I couldn’t blow my nose. (sheepish snicker) Thanks.

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@Trillian That’s OK. The link I put for the Defibrillator was just for the case. It’s now to late so I corrected it here.

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