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Can't figure out the classical song that played at the Grammys?

Asked by jgalfer (91points) January 31st, 2010

Just before the President of the Grammys came out to make a speech, there was a classical song playing for about 10 seconds in the background. It’s driving me crazy. Anyone know it? And I can’t shazaam it cause my ipod doesn’t have an input.

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could you find a link from that part of the Grammy’s on youtube, so we can help you figure it out?

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Fortunately I DVRd it and just recently got to watch it and when the Pres. Came out I remembered this question.

I replayed it several times and finally remembered why it sounded so familiar.

I finally realized why as my mind flashed back to the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo.

Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean won gold in Ice Dancing and also received (for the first time in Olympic history for Ice Dancing) perfect scores clear across the board from every single judge ! !

It was a spectacular and unforgettable performance.

Fortunately it’s on YouTube for those interested.

The music is “Bolero” and if you put it into the YT Search along with their names, you can watch.

The excerpted portion from the Grammys comes in about midway along.


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Wow. Nicely done. I was just about to post that they used the song in the Superbowl commercial where the guy is sleepwalking through Africa. Thanks so much!!!

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Really? That’s so interesting. I didn’t watch the superbowl but I’ll have to see if I can find the commercial somewhere.

Bolero is a beautiful and hugely popular piece and has a sweeping majestic tone about it that makes for great background music for a whole host of things.

But it soared to new popularity following that Gold Medal performance in 1984 as that footage was repeated constantly. And it really was a special moment in Olympic history. I’m so glad YouTube is available to preserve things like this and make them so widely available.

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Hey thanks. GA for you.

That was a beautiful commercial.

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