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how do I drag movies to iTunes using handbrake

Asked by 74excel (15points) March 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

I can’t figure it out

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After you have converted the file with handbrake, find it in the filesystem and drag it over to itunes.

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assuming you’ve already created your .mp4, drag the file from its directory into the “movies” icon in the left pane in iTunes… The file will import and will then be available to view or sync to your devices.

One thing to make sure when creating the files is to select “baseline” instead of “main” profile in the h.264 settings ( ignore this if creating a standard .mp4)... If main is selected, the file will not sync to iPod or iPhone. I usually create my files at 320×240, de-interlaced, and 400k average bitrate and have had good results.

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