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What is up with this free Itunes gift card money offered on facebook?

Asked by mass_pike4 (2096points) February 1st, 2010

Has anyone seen this on facebook? There is a group you join and if you follow simple steps, apparently you get the specific amount of Itunes money added into your account. The catch is that you have to fill out a bunch of surveys and it seems like it goes on forever. I got to the filling out the surveys, but it just kept going on. If you have heard of this, has it worked for you? Has it worked for someone you know? If so, what did they do differently to make it work?

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Those never work.

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@jackm: There are a ton like over 60,000 people joined in these groups…how do they not work?

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Sometimes they aren’t scams, but you are going to get more spam than you know what to do with, at least. I don’t know about these particular offers, but some of the “free laptop” offers that pop up in other places are legit, you just have to buy a bunch of stuff from particular companies and take a bunch of surveys first. Some of that stuff you have to buy is not a big deal, just a matter of getting something you ordinarily would from a different place or a different brand. But any information you give them will be added to spam, junk mail, and telemarketing lists and resold repeatedly. You may also end up signing up for “free trial offers” for services you will never use that will start charging your credit card in 30 days and will be hard to cancel. Either that or it’s an outright scam. I wouldn’t go near it. I mean how badly do you really need a few bucks in your itunes account?

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There are like a million people in the group asking facebook not to charge for their service, even after facebook said they would never chanrge and never had a plan to do it. People just join groups because its easy and they don’t want to research the validity of it.

There are over 2 billion christians in the world, that doesn’t make them any less wrong.

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There are many ways to scam money out of you on surveys like that. Some ask you to put in your cell phone number, and then charge you like 10$ a month. Others make you sign up for free trials of things like Netflix (like @Snarp said).

Others simply want you to invite all your friends and get nothing in return. I absolutely hate the Facebook groups that offer a very simple reward, and say you have to follow these steps exactly for it to work!

“Invite all your friends, Download this Firefox add-on. You can now have colored Facebook pages!!!!!2!!!”

It’s ridiculous.

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A friend of mine went through one of these things to get a ‘free ipod’. It turns out he ended up spending about 30AUD to get it. Which wasn’t too bad, since the ipods retailed for over 100 at the time.

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