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Do you shampoo your shaved head?

Asked by grrgold (91points) February 1st, 2010

I recently started shaving my head. I have been told that I should still use shampoo to prevent my skin from drying out and flaking. I thought regular soap should do that as well since I no longer have to worry about the hair. What works best?

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Back when I shaved my head I used to just condition the skin with lotion or oil with sunscreen. I never had a problem.

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I would think that shampooing your shaved head would make it even more dry. I would suggest a lotion or oil, but there are shampoos speacially made for shaved heads so you can avoid the risk have having a flakey scalp.

(which should be at any target, or town drug store)

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I don’t have a shaved head luckily, but when my boyfriends brother stays over, he always washes his head, said he still wanted to smell good.

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If I had one I would buff it with a floor polisher ;)

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Every day. If I don’t shampoo it – even if I use normal soap or even body wash – it feels slick and slimy the whole day long. I don’t pretend to understand why. I just do. The fact that a bottle of shampoo can last me close to 9 months makes me not care overly much. :-)

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When I shaved my head, I just shaved in the shower and rinsed the shaving cream from my head and face and caled it good. I did use ‘Bald Guyz’ lotion aftershave and it helped a lot. It also helped a lot with razor burn and reduced ingrown hair problems.

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I shave my head as well. I clean my scalp like I clean my face – just a daily facial cleanser in the shower. Being as how your head is exposed to as much of the environment as your face, and isn’t protected/moistened by your hair, you have to treat it that way now. If you find that the oils don’t get flowing soon enough and your skin gets dry, use some SPF15 daily lotion after you shower in the morning.

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Did you put your head in the Shine-o-Ball-o?

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I have always wondered if bald guys shampoo thier heads. HAHAHAHAHA

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@starshine Yes, I do….:)

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