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How do I get my Xbox 360 to read discs?

Asked by TexasDude (25234points) February 1st, 2010

My Xbox 360 was working fine last night. Today, my roommate put a disc in and it said “reading” for a while on the screen before going back to just saying “open tray.” We tried several different discs, removing the hard drive, and restarting the console with no success. This Xbox already had the infamous “red ring of death” before Microsoft refurbished it, so this whole situation is quite frustrating and any serious help would be greatly appreciated.

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call 1800myxbox and register the console with a rep, then mail it off to get a new one. unfortunetly thats what happens to 360’s but they will give you a new one, its happen to me 3 times already and i put up wit it because im addicted to xbox live.

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I’ve heard of people purposely overheating their Xbox in order to get it to reboot completely and go through factory diagnostics. They wrap their Xbox in a bunch of towels (while plugged in) and keep it on for a while. I have never tried it, and probably wouldn’t recommend it, but if you are looking for a last resort before you send it in to Microsoft for repairs, it might be worth a shot.

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I would send it back to Microsoft and get a new one

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Why was my post removed….. it was legitimate advice!

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@buckyboy28 The towel trick only works if you have the rings. It remelts the crappy solder into the correct place…. You’re supposed to have your xbox upside down when you do it so it can melt back “up.” It will not fix disc read errors.

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Thanks @all.

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get it a pair of glasses.

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