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Is there a Fluther you would like to thank? For what? (Branch off from "this": question?

Asked by Naked_Homer (2155points) February 1st, 2010

The question brought up what I feel is a very interesting topic. The timely nature of gratitude.

Lets take the time.

Is there a fluther you would like to thank for something they helped you with? Even if you do it in pm, please do.

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I’d like to thank myself for being awesome.

Thanks me!

I accept.

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I don’t want to make anyone feel left out but maybe ben and andrew for starting this whole thing. I am very grateful for their contribution towards the betterment of society and humanity. May seem like high praise but anything that brings people together from the four corners of the earth to discuss issues and solve problems is a good thing and a sure step in the right direction.

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Id like to thank IBERnineD for adding me as as friend and looking so beautiful.

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i’d like to thank @Ruallreb8ters for giving the creepiest answer thus far.

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Thanks to those who built Fluther, to the Admins and the Moderators for all their work keeping it going. You add a bit of pleasure and a lot of learning to this old man’s life by what you do.

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@eponymoushipster it’s my pleasure too… and i really meant it, come on.. she’s hot

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@Ruallreb8ters It was my pleasure to add you to my fluther. Thanks for the kind words!

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@IBERnineD not trying to be “creepy”.. just being an “honest gentleman”

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There are so many! This place, and the people here, have done so much for me that I can’t begin to write it all out. Thanks for the knowledge, the insight, and – most of all – the friendship, everyone! And thank you, @Naked_Homer, for asking this question. :)

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I’d like to thank all the Jellies. Each one makes this place what it is.

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I’d like to acknowledge the phenomenal amount of work that @augustlan and @Dog put into maintaining a positive atmosphere here. Much of what individual moderators do is invisible to all but the other mods; their actions are either anonymous, or take the form of PMs, so people just see us as “the mods”, and that’s the way it should be. Each mod contributes what they can, but I’m here to tell you that every time I sign in and look at what’s been accomplished over the past few hours, my jaw drops at how much these two have been up to, and at the good grace with which they handle some really yucky situations.

Just want everyone to know how much they do in exchange for—let’s face it—hardly anything in return.

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I’d like to thank those that make me feel like my input is interesting or valuable. I’m not naming and names but it’s always nice to feel like someone has found something I have said on here interesting. Actually, anyone who has GA’d or GQ’d me, Thank you!

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I second @augustlan. She does a fine job.

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@Naked_Homer You alone have saved me hours of work time by teaching me how to adjust my PhotoShop settings!

I cannot even begin to list those who have helped me- though @johnpowell heads the pack in the save my arse department. All the mod staff whom are more than patient and witty and @augustlan who is really one of the funniest and sincere people I know. :)

As for those who have enriched my life with laughter- There is not enough space to list!

So- this is for all of you:

Ode to Jellies

Oh you Jellies your advice is swell
Your wit and knowledge abound.
Tech to parties to keeping well
Because of you the lost is found.

I honor thee for all you advise
For all the things I learn
To be in the company of those so wise
For input I can always turn,

Fluther is a place unique
a site set up so well
We find the answers to what we seek.
and also learn to spell.

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Oh @Doggie – You are so cute. I’d like to thank you!

And Auggie-Mommy too.

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@ all – feel free to thank as many as possible.

@augustlan – My first friend – no amount of thanks will do
@dog – your support with my joblessness is unequaled.
@IBERnineD – for the awesome time killing blog and cute as hell icon.

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I would like to thank all mods, especially @augustlan and @Dog who have both been kind and very helpful to me.
I want to thank Andrew and Ben for such an awesome place for me to hang out and get through a depression I’m only just now realizing I have been in for about a year.
I want to thank all the wonderful jellies who have been so nice and all their great questions, fun questions and just silly questions. I have made some good friends on here and met some people I absolutely love, WTF (Gary), and Gailcalled being the only two I will call out, but there are many more. There are those I have disagreed with, argued with, and made up with. This site has made me more tolerant of those that are different than me, more so than anything else I have experienced in my life. And for that, I am most thankful.

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@chyna Well said.

Has anyone heard from Gary recently? I pm’d him about a week ago and have not heard back – I assume that means he’s not doing so well.

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He checked in on the proposal question. :)

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good – thanks!

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He also was on @Blondsjon’s radio show on Friday. :)

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@Dog He sounded wonderful, didn’t he? Nice voice.

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Aw, @Harp & the rest of you. Now you made me blush. :)

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I would like to thank Augustian. ;) She has been there for me since my first question. You are such a sweetie Lisa!

I also adore @loser. I believe @loser was the first to add me to their fluther.

The rest of you can kiss my ass.~

I love you guys! Mwah!!!!

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Thanks guys! I am honored to be mentioned. You guys rock!

@jonsblond You know we <3 you! he he he!

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Ok enough with the circle jerk. Recognize some others.

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I would like to thank @SeventhSense for bringing me back to Earth. ;)

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I would like to thank @Ivan for reminding me there is no ToothFairy.

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I’m like a cold shower…bracing but good. :)

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