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Where can I find reviews/feedback on ultraportable notebook computers?

Asked by hossman (3261points) January 15th, 2007
I currently have a Sony X505 I really love, but they are discontinued. I am looking for an ultranotebook of 3 lbs. or less, and I'm leaning toward a Panasonic W5 or Sony TX. Does anyone have any hands-on experience with any ultraportables?
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In terms of ultraportable im quite sure, but basically anything running windows on it is a disadvantage to any mac, i would honestly recommend checking out a macbook, they weigh something like 5 pounds are 1 inch think, ohh yah, and they run OSX the most stable and advanced operating system ever, did i mention a 2.0 ghz duel core intel hands down they are a great computer, i myself have a first generation macbook pro and i love, i do graphic design image editing and a large range of intesne aplications and i have never had a problem, dragging it around with me. So anyway before you buy any pc PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out a macbook!!!!
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I'm in love with my Panasonic T4, I got it from a Japanese dude on ebay a year and a half ago. It certainly lives up to its 'toughbook' ( designation: it once dropped out my backpack 4ft onto brick, nicking the case but it runs just fine. If you are competent enough to reinstall windows and type on a keyboard which may slightly disagree with its lettering (in US mode) then buying it from Japan is a great way to save quite a bit of money compared to other laptops or importers' prices (at least it was). I know nothing about the X505 or TX and as for the W5.. doesn't the T5 get like another two more hours battery life (ie 10-12h) than my T4? Do you really need a burner? And I doubt you care that the T5 is 1/4lb heavier than the 2.5lb W5. I'd consider the T5 rather than an Apple (wouldn't you rather double the battery life and halve the weight than double your core duo speed?). As an alternative to Windows explorer's ugliness I replace the shell with bblean ( since I got my T4.

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