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How can I create a sms number where when people text it they get a automatic reply depending on what they wrote?

Asked by edbelsey (20points) February 2nd, 2010

Client sends SMS with keyword to short number, Information is stored, looked up in different database, Automatic reply + unique code send to clients mobile based on database . Im in the UK and only need it to work with UK numbers?

I need to know how to do this or which companies can help me. I have a site set up at the moment where some one can email and address with there name and a keyword, this is stored, then an e-mail is sent to them but want them to be able to text a number and a reply sent to there phone… does anyone know where i would start for this or which company i could speak to about implementing this or any information at all… im really stuck!!! thanks in advance =]

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There’s a company here in Pittsburgh, PA (in the US) called deeplocal— they might be able to help

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