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Would a nuclear blast kill the undead?

Asked by skwerl88 (532points) March 2nd, 2008

Vampires, Werewolves, etc.—Would things normally requiring a stake through the heart or silver bullets be eradicated by a nuclear blast?

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I think total eradication is pretty definite. So I would say,

Undead: yes (if bullets can, nukes can)
Vampires: no (they are too smart, they would have a bomb shelter)
Werewolves: Yes and no (depends on location, if they are in the woods away from the nuke, no, but if they are in the city that’s nuked, then yes)

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Its not the undead you should be worried about, its the cockroaches. They’ll survive a nuclear blast and probably mutate at the same time posing something more of a threat than a groaning shuffling corpse!!

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Actually, cockroaches will NOT survive a nuclear blast, they tested it on mythbusters. They exposed different bugs to radiation and other bugs outlasted the cockroaches. But they still survived a lot more radiation then we can handle.

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I’d say the kinetic (or explosive) blast would likely kill them as per most movies, but I doubt radiation would kill the undead since raditation has a deleterious on living beings… Maybe werewolves?

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They’re immortal though, aren’t they?
What would happen if you nuked say, Superman?

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He’s died before, (there is a movie called death of superan) so he probably would die.

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Superman can withstand a nuclear blast. He’d live.
Vampires can’t withstand sunlight; I assume a nuclear blast would be even worse.
Werewolves are susceptible to silver, mercury, and stakes to the heart. Hmm. There is a chance of survival.
Zombies wouldn’t stand a chance.

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Phoenyx, out of all of the four, vampires and superman are the most likely survivors, mainly because vampires are intelligent! They would probably have a backup plan and are way to cautious to stay out of the light! So I will give you that if it is night, the nuke will kill them. But superman is a different story, he would try and stop the nuke, and be in the blast, thereby killing him. As to werewolves, they may only be killed by the traditional silver bullet, but they aren’t invincible. Hell, I think a tank could kill a werewolf. Anyway, I’ve already made too much of a nerd out of myself by answering this question so many times, so here are my final stands:

Zombies=bye bye
Werewolves=bye bye
Vampires in the day=no
Vampires in the night=bye bye
Superman=bye bye (he has died before)


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just because he’s died before doesn’t mean he would again.
and, i’m talking about a direct hit here. like, the nuke is literally dropped on their head.
i think i’m going to have to go with phoenyx on this one though. He has a very valid point with his werewolves point.

however, vampires are susceptible to UV radiation… Nukes let out gamma, are they vulnerable to that?

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Okay, if it’s dropped on their head, then that’s tottaly different,

Everyone=bye bye

If there is anything that would kill superman, it would be a direct nuke.

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Superman isn’t invinceble he just has lots of vitality allowing him to withstand more than a mere human.

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isn’t he only vulnerable to kryptonite?
also, couldn’t the molecules that comprise superman be impervious to the energy released in the nuke?
Their bonds could be so strong they could only be broken by kryptonite or something?

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Superman’s cells emit a something much like a force-field, which is what protects him and provides his invulnerability. Superman has survived a nuclear blast more than once. The image I linked to is one such instance. Superman is vulnerable to magic and kryptonite. You’d have to incorporate one (or both?) to really hurt him. It is true that Superman died, but that was at the hands of Doomsday; a very different situation.

Any of them could survive if they knew the nuclear blast was coming and they could prepare beforehand. I think question (as noted above) is not whether or not they could avoid a nuclear blast, but whether or not they would survive them if it were unavoidable. Nuclear blasts don’t emit gamma radiation only. The radiation emitted spans the EM spectrum, including UV.

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Oh my god, I’m out! I may be a nerd, but I have never liked superman. This has gone too far. I’m out.

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psh. nub.
If nukes do release UV radiation though, that would also kill the werewolves wouldn’t it?
Since it would turn them back into their human form, causing them to be vulnerable?

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To answer q 1: Yes, it probably would kill the undead.

To answer the rest: I think vampires would survive, but maybe not werewolves. I dunno on that front. About the whole superman thing, wouldn’t he just stop the bomb from going off in the first place? Or go back in time by running round the world (don’t ask me how i know this) and stop the bomb from being sent out? Something crazy and stupid like athat anyways…..

I think the undead is a pretty weak topic, maybe something a little stronger would provide more of a debate? Just wondering ^^

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Hmm. Is it the onset of day or the disappearance of the moon that causes a werewolf to revert to it’s human form? It also depends on whether or not a werewolf takes wolf form at will (to do better at basketball perhaps?), when more primal emotions take over (fear, anger), or if it is out of his/her control (say, only during a full moon).

I should include two more vulnerabilities for werewolves: wolfsbane and also magic. None of the vulnerabilities I can think of for werewolves map to a nuclear blast.

I should add comics to my list of geeky obsessions hobbies and interests.

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I know I said I wouldnt comment again, but its amazing how much “fact” there is in SOMETHING THAT DOESNT EXIST.

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fortris has a point….it’s kinda cool how much info there is on the make-beleive….(not saying vampires and werewolves wtc dont exist btw – though it is unlikely…)


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oh you can just shut the hell up fortris.
you just have to believe!

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I think it is really is amazing and that’s what is so fascinating to me. When we say “vampire” everyone here has a pretty good idea what a vampire is, even though they don’t exist. There are established characteristics of a vampire, but we still see all kinds of variations, from Count von Count to Count Chocula to Lestat. What distinguishes a vampire from something else?

It’s questions like one this that probe at the nature of vampireness.

starts considering scenarios involving Count Chocula and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Belive? Hey, as soon as you prove that vampires, zombies, werewolfs and superman are real (or at least find something similar), then you can tell me to shut up.

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Wow… thank you so much. I’ve been worried about this issue for some time and have actually lost sleep. I thought about doing a masters thesis, or possibly even a doctoral dissertation on this matter, but I couldn’t find a university that would support my claims. It is rather funny/interesting how Superman came up in your guys’ discussions, because it did mine as well!! Maybe there is something to this connection??? By the way, to help clear things up, in my research I found that Doomsday’s fists had kryptonite qualities which is why it was able to actually penetrate Superman’s “force field” (thus how he actually bleeds/gets hurt). Theoretically speaking, the possibility of a nuclear blast (even if dropped on his head) is not made of any substance that can penetrate Superman’s “force field” as created by his cellular structure, and powered by the sun/sunlight… ergo, a nuclear blast would not be able to kill Superman. I think it would be a fun conversation for all of us to gather at a coffee house sometime and discuss this live. I do not have many friends, since I am in the library all the time performing research… but I would love to call you all my friends. I hope all of you have a terrific day!!

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