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is there anything better then Sunday?

Asked by djbuu (284points) March 2nd, 2008 from iPhone
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Sunday has the Monday-to-come looming overhead like a dark cloud…


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Yes, Saturday!!!

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I think sliced bread is still better than Sunday.

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Umm, saturday? Bcause you slept in, AND can stay up late.

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Saturday without a doubt. Thursday’s not bad either.

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bank holiday Monday, when you think your in work but your not

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I hate Sundays they are filled with homework and laundry

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I hate sundays too.. I’m the only one I know who works all of them.

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I have to work Sundays too…

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Great sex on Mondays, Tuesday, wednesdays, thursdays, Fridays, saturdays, and starting again on the following Sundays

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Fridays are better than Sundays. Definitely.

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