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Is it immoral to make a fake profile on POF?

Asked by TrickyZZZZ (99points) February 2nd, 2010

Is it immoral to make a fake online dating profile at POF with a random pic? Is it illegal?

I made a profile in a different city of mine with a fake pic (rated the same “hotness” as me on hot or not so I can test the game, not the looks). I just want to figure out the system so to speak since I never did the online thing. What profiles get what responses. What emails to send. etc.

I have no other way of testing these things or else I would?

Random question: Is 7/15 response rate, 4\15 conversation rate, 3\15 number\AIM rate good?

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It may not be immoral, but it is certainly useless, since you wouldn’t be able to actually meet any of these people.
I believe there are new laws on the books that would make this illegal, however.

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Probably not technically illegal unless you pass yourself off as someone famous or who has the ability/means to sue you.

Probably immoral, because basically you’re lying to someone. Even if you’re using a picture of someone more attractive than you so people won’t judge your looks (although I know you said you weren’t doing that), it will still upset people to find out you really look entirely different from what they thought.

The internet is tricksy in the way that it’s so easy to pass off false information, and people just eat it all up as the truth. I’d say: be honest and don’t play with people’s emotions. You could get yourself in a bad situation.

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I know it’s useless since I can’t meet them but I just don’t want to make an ass out of my real self in my real city (and end up “using everyone up”).

Why would I be honest and give my true info if I am just practicing? When I get the system right I will be honest on my profile/ I’m writing my profiles as I intend to on my real account (just in a different city of course), so I can find out which ones work

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Why don’t you just view other people’s profiles to get an idea of what to say? “Get the system right” sounds like you are intending to be someone you aren’t in real life.
The best thing to do is be yourself and to state in your profile the type of person you are looking for and the type of interests you are interested in. I really don’t know how you could make an ass out of yourself by just being you.

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I have used POF (PlentyofFish, a free dating website for those who don’t know). That’s how I met my boyfriend, actually. I don’t get why you need a fake profile to “practice”. It’s pretty straightforward. As for using your real info, you are not obliged (in fact you’re encouraged NOT to) to include details that would identify you. Use a screen name, keep information about your place of employment, etc. to yourself.

If you don’t want people you know in your city to find your profile, you can hide it, and then contact whoever you wish to contact. This will decrease your chances of finding the right person because the search will be one-sided. An alternative is making your pictures private, you can send them in messages to members you wish to view your pictures.

If you would like someone to take a look at the description you’re writing, let me know and I’ll be glad to help out. Don’t do the fake profile thing, there are enough weirdos online as it is, don’t be “that” guy too!

Edit to add: The “Hot or Not” feature is optional, I had that disabled on mine. It’s a bit silly. Just focus on the way you present yourself in your own profile.

Edit #2: I have no idea what those ratings are, is that a new feature or something? Do people even look at that? Trust me, a coherent, intelligent description of yourself and clear pictures will take you a long way.

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What’s your intention of “practicing”? Do you have a spouse or SO? Because if you do, then fake or not, it is cheating. It’s also unfair to people who communicate with you out of sincerity, thinking that you’re a real person. You would be leading them on.

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I don’t know about immoral, illegal or whatever. All I know is, it’s stupid IMHO.

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I think you’re looking at this all wrong. “The system?” What do you mean by that? It’s people meeting people in a fairly new way. Treating it like a game or a system to learn or conquer probably won’t work out so great for you if you’re looking for a real connection with a woman.

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