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What do you think about Earth Day?

Asked by occ (4173points) February 2nd, 2010

I work for an environmental group, and we’re begining to plan activities for Earth Day in April. This year is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, so we’d like to do something special. Do you care about Earth Day? What do you like to do to celebrate or participate, besides attending a local Earth Day fair? What would entice you to join an environmental group and donate either time, money, or advocacy (i.e. signing a petition) this year? What would you like to see from an environmental group for Earth Day? And, because everyone wants to do something that “goes viral,” what would you be likely to pass along to your friends? Thanks for your input.

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It’s the time when we celebrate and respect for the bounty of nature which sustains us.
I’ll probably join some certain group in my country at earth day. The group that will spread fresh seeds around deforestation area. Although I will not follow the convoy in my city(It’s too hot and I’m particularly weak for that). sometimes they ended in riot when all the participants over-reacted. I always want to open other people’s mind about the role of forest to sustain human and other creature’s life on earth.

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I think it’s an excellent start. We need to have it carry over to enact real lasting policies that change our behaviors and habits the rest of the year.

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In the future the planet is going to have a human day.

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In order to have a lot of people participate, you’ve got to make it easy, non-controversial, and inexpensive. I think projects like “neighborhood clean-up” and “plant a tree-seedling” meet all of those criteria. In light of the 40th anniversary, perhaps you could shoot for planting 40 trees in a given area.

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I generally hate all these idealistic days so in order for me to care I like some activity like @augustlan suggested rather than petition signing or other things that rarely do anything.

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It’s better than Valentines Day! I do like Earth day, and I actually celebrate it…

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What do you do to celebrate? What kind of message would you want to see from an environmental group? Any unusual ideas for what would make for a compelling Earth Day activity or story?

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There are actually a couple of Earth Day festivles I go to.
I’m all about animal groups like the ASPCA , WWF , and Defenders of Wildlife who all have ideas and/or events going on for Earth Day

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It’d be nice if there were a lot more Earth Days. Many people nowadays don’t give a damn about the environment.

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We need Earth Day every day to effectively deal with climate change. We need scientists and innovators and people willing to change their life styles and support sustainable development.

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Earth Day is like the Earth’s birthday. We celebrate birthdays once a year, but we don’t stop living on the other 364 days.

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