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Are women really interested in the "nice, sweet guy type " in a committed relationship?

Asked by Iphone35 (134points) March 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

If women want the nice sweet guy for a romantic relationship, howcome they end up being with one who cheats, neglects or even doesn’t remember their anniversary?

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I dont like guys that are too macho and I don’t like guys that are too sensitive, I like the guys in between that don’t cheat but don’t cling to my side 24/7

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women are hit on every day. when a jerk comes along, women are intrigued and excited. i say in their mind they want a nice sweet guy. in reality they turn down that nice guy every day.

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My pick-up line is, “I will cheat on you, I will neglect you, and I will cheat on you on our anniversary.” That doesn’t usually work well. I don’t think most women people realize that they have found them self in a relationship with a bad person until it is too hard to simply walk away.

And I know lots of nice guys that have good relationships. It’s just easier to notice the dysfunctional relationships.

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My boyfriend of four years now is the Nice, Sweet Guy Type. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love how smart and sensitive he is. I love that he would Never betray me. I love that he’s not afraid of being snarky but will really recoil if he actually hurts my feelings.
He’s seen me through a lot. There’s quite a bit to be said for the Nice Guys. Particularly the Nice Geeky Sweet Guys.

I find the machismo to be a Huge turn off. Its just not okay in my book. I truly believe in relationships as a partnership. I believe that we should be able to fight like cats and dogs, but still stop in the middle to say ‘i love you’. It seems that too much testosterone gets in the way of that. (Also, bulky muscles just AREN’T attractive).

I think many women fantasize about the ‘bad boy’... but it rarely seems to work out well.

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Nice, sweet guys are the best! But they also can’t be wimps – I like a protective guy that doesn’t let other dudes hit on me. Smart is important too, as well as being decisive.

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Why do good girls like bad boys?
Society continues to reward any type of relationship over the single life. Women who say no to men because they are waiting for something better are seen as losers. After all, something must be wrong with you if you can’t get a date. Society has even created benchmarks for women to meet. Single on the playground? Lame. Single at the prom? Loser. Single on college graduation day? Pathetic. Single with a child? Immoral.

Why do girls like bad boys?
I see so many fiends of mine great girls fall for some of the dumbest worthless guys out there. Is there an attraction to being treated poorly or being with such a lowly life form? Do girls really like bad boys?

I’m very concerned about my daughter. She is very strong and successful in many areas of her life except one. She keeps picking guys that are just no good for her. She even knows she does it and just can’t seem to stop. I even took her to see the musical “Why Good Girls Like Bad Boys.” She thought it was funny, saw herself in it, and still can’t seem to change. Is she the only one like this? How can she stop what she is doing to herself?—The-Real-Reason-Good-Girls-Fall-for-Bad-Boys&id=68645

Do girls like “Bad Boys” or “Good Guys”?

Ever notice that girls seem to be attracted to jerks? Why is it that they waste their time with guys that don’t treat them right? Time and time again us good guys get pushed to the sidelines for men that are arrogant and disrespectful to their ladies. When I’m out in public I do a lot of people watching.

Why Good Girls Love Bad Boys.
We’ve all done it at one time or another. We whine to our friends about the lack of nice available guys, and then, when given the choice between a nice, sweet (safe) guy and a bad boy who makes our toes curl, we invariably go for the toe-curler. The heartbreak-waiting-to-happen.
The bad boy.

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Most women like the idea of a nice and sweet man for the reason being that they don’t want to get hurt but wouldnt mind a guy that can be a little agressive for reliability, assureness, security,and dependability, not to say that they are not independent, because they should be thought of as equals. Because remember they’re looking for a mr.right and you should just try to be one.

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um first thing first nt al women are all the same ok some women lil sweet ,sweets good but wen ur to nice they get bored like there can’t be to women in a rela I mean just can’t ok let me stop be4 I go overboard need more advice hit me up lol

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Uh…. what?

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