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Do you notice when I stare at your breasts?

Asked by jazzjeppe (2440points) February 3rd, 2010

Okay, hold up for a second and let me explain… This question might be stupid and weird enough, but I have been wondering. Kinda. The thing is that I sometimes can find myself peering, well not peering…not staring either…it’s more like…resting my eyes, if that makes sense? Okay, perhaps not. Anyhoo…Resting my eyes on women’s breasts kinda… If I would be sitting in a boring meeting for instance with a woman across the table, I can sometimes drift away in my mind and suddenly I find myself star-...peering at someone’s breasts. Absolutely nothing sexual, I guess I just find breasts, well beautiful…

Okay, awkward question but hopefully you get my drift :) What I am asking is whether you as a woman notice if someone looks at your breasts, how quick do you notice and how does that make you feel? I mean, would you notice it straight away, can you like “feel as if someone is looking at my breasts” kinda?


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My husband had to fire a guy from his office because women employees were complaining he stared at their breasts. I’ve never particularly had personal experience of this myself. I tend to think we all check each other out briefly; it’s the duration of the look that is the problem.

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I notice whenever someone is staring at me, especially if it’s in an inappropriate way. Women are usually quite aware of that sort of thing.

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Were you a bottle baby? I heard that breast-fed men don’t enjoy breasts as much as men who were bottle-fed.

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I mean, it’s kind of unintendedly, it’s as if I wake up and like “What are you doing, stop staring dude!”...

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I most certainly do. I also realize that I am well endowed. To notice is one thing, to get stuck on staring, eww.

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@erichw1504 Yes, I believe I was a bottle baby, spending my first weeks in a nursery

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Yes and thank you.

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Yes, I notice. Yes, it grosses me out. It definitely affects my opinion of the guy doing the staring.

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Yes. And many women seriously dislike it and will think less of you for it.

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Yes yes, I really hope I don’t get stuck at staring…perhaps it only feels like it, but…yeah…Sorry for asking :)

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@erichw1504 ; I heard that bresst fed men have MORE of an appreciation for breasts.

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Yeah. Cut it out.

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I do understand that no one want to be stared at and especially at ones breasts. I might be exaggerating a bit, it’s just that it has happened a couple of times and I was just wondering how big the chances are that “it’s” noticed…kinda… Alright, I will never look at women from now on…

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Not all women hate it. @kikibirdjones thanks you. But most will find it creepy!

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I notice. I just say: “They’re good huh”

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@jazzjeppe it is the people who feel no qualms about indulging in their fascination that creep me out. I can handle the person who catches themselves and starts acting proper. ( Of course, they might have to endure a “I know they are luscious, but the eyes are up here” comment.) Sounds like you catch yourself.

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Yes I’d notice loll. I have a work mate who has massive boobs and they are fake and fascinating so I stare at them. You got me thinking here!!Bet I got you thinking too loll.

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Is there any studies on the breastfed theory? Because my son was only breastfed for 8 weeks, and he is still obsessed with boobs. I think it’s just a guy thing.

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@casheroo I don’t have any studies to cite but I think it’s a bunch of hooey. I think men – breastfed and bottle fed – love breasts and why shouldn’t they?

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Yes. It’s the worst when I’m wearing something that’s covering my cleavage (I have a voluptuous figure) and a guy is staring like they’ve never ever seen a chest shaped like mine before. I’m nowhere near Dolly Parton, though. It’s like, “Damn. What? I have breasts. Surely you’ve seen real, live breasts before. WTF.” The me inside just shakes my head.

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Yep, I’m pretty sure most women notice. For me I notice when people are staring at a woman’s breasts, then they look at me and notice that I’m looking at them looking at their breasts…it gets confusing but you know what I mean.

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Would you notice if I stared at your crotch???

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@aprilsimnel I sometimes say “I have breasts get over it!” as I am curvy too

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Really. Do you expect someone to say “no,” dude?

“No, I don’t notice when you stare at my breasts.”

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Thanks for Exhibitionist ;)

And no, I dont mind (As I am male)

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I also notice when people stare at other women besides me. It is just as creepy.

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Baseball, cold showers, baseball, cold showers. Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day! Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day!

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Wow, who’d a thunk this question would stir up so much excitement!

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@Grisaille I’m not a woman, so I don’t know about people staring at my breasts..
But I never pay attention to where other peoples’ eyes are aimed. I couldn’t tell you if they were staring at my face or at my dong. I’m too busy staring at an object behind them.

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@Judi Boobs are always exciting :P

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@Grisaille To be fair he didn’t say: stare.
@Sarcasm Yeah or their foreheads ;)

I’m just going to come and out and say it, but with some breasts it’s hard not too glance over them. Some even make you do a double take..

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I notice and if your gaze lingers there too long, my opinion of you declines. It’s impolite and can be creepy.. I personally have no interest in men, so that kind of lecherous energy I get from guys sometimes seriously grosses me out.

Anyway, even though I have a nice rack, no one ever stares, for which I’m pretty thankful. I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I probably would get really sassy with someone who kept their eyes chest-level.

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@markyy You know, I don’t mind a glance, or even a double take…but staring is completely different.

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(I seriously have never noticed this and I’m nicely endowed, I think. Maybe it’s because I’m too short? I’m getting a complex here.)

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Just a quick reminder, the question does say ”staring”, BUT the description is a little bit less creepy, and I quote: ”The thing is that I sometimes can find myself peering, well not peering…not staring either…it’s more like…resting my eyes, if that makes sense? Okay, perhaps not. Anyhoo…Resting my eyes on women’s breasts kinda…

@casheroo I’ll keep that in mind!

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Fellows don’t usually stare. It’s often a quick peek at the jugs , then back up to my eyes. It’s pretty obvious. Does it bother me? Not at all. They’re cute. Do I peek at other women? Sure. A quick peek.

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I actually had to talk with a colleague of mine after the last boring meeting that went on for three hours. I am not sure she noticed that one time, but I told her about it and how ashamed I was about it. Now, we have a good relationship with a lot of laughing together so she thought it was only funny and now she jokes with me that she will put on a nicer top next time we have meeting.

So we can joke about it. But, I just wanted to check :)

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@kikibirdjones, you’re my kind of girl.

It’s fucking annoying to have to deal with this “I’m offended” business. Women at my previous job used to look at my package all the time, including my supervisors. Big deal. Humans have parts. Women have pretty bodies.

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@jmah I’m staring at your boob right now. At least your avatar’s boob. Do you mind?

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@kevbo What kind of job was that where you could see your package?

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we all do it form time to time my man. there are some very beuatiful woman in this world and as gentleman we should control our selves, but i think its human if we slip from time to time. if i caught a girl staring at my johnson i probably wouldnt court her around town like i would a woman that can control her sexulal impulses. i wouldnt play a royal flush like i would a straight and vice versa. so its good that you consider what it looks like form the outside looking in.

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@erichw1504, it was a marketing department. Mostly women. I wore pants trousers with my shirt tucked in.

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Anyhoo, thanks all for your comments! Greatly appreciated! :)

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@Facade “They’re good huh”. But are they a Facade? ;)

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i enjoy looking at breasts , at i think thats normal , to look is good staring not so good, try to do it nonchalantly not like a creeper…..women sometimes dress in a way where its hard not to look like when you see lots of skin and lots of cleavage, yes it is (i believe) ok to look but down boy down…..

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Personally, I’ve perfected the art of totally checking someone out without their knowing. I suggest practicing this, it’s way slicker than out-and-out gaping. ;)

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I was at Disneyland with my daughter this weekend and she was very discretely with a blanket over her, nursing a baby. Someone came up to her and pointed out a guy who was actively trying to get a glimpse of some tit.
That is sick and a guy like that has no business being in Disneyland.

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@Judi I hope you or someone informed security. That is borderline. I don’t mean to thread drift on a fun question but that is sick!

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We did but the guy got away.

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@Judi Eww!! How creepy!

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Personally, I don’t take offense to it. I guess that’s just me. I WILL get worried when they DONT get looked at. :-/

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@missingbite Of course not :)

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Everyone who didn’t notice the last time someone stared at your chest, please raise your hand.
lol, sorry. I know what was intended by the question, but it makes me smile anyway.

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Hell, I even look at girls’ boobs sometimes. I have a friend from high school who always showed off her cleavage, so it was kind of hard not to have your eye drawn there. Sometimes they’re just…mesmerizing.

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Yes I notice, no I don’t get mad unless you are slobbering and leering. A quick glance is ok, and you should be discreet.
Now this question has gotten me to thinking.
I am a straight woman. But dang, the clothes that women wear now. I mean there are boobs hanging out and cleavage all over the place. (why couldn’t that have been in style when I was a lot younger, and perkier and single)
but, my mind is wandering,
like @le_inferno said, sometimes I find myself staring, and it’s “kind of hard not to have your eye drawn there. Sometimes they’re just…mesmerizing.

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@wilma I know what you mean. I’m short and I remember trying to rent these two young ladies who had half of their boobs hanging out and talking to them. They were tall enough where there boobs where right there in my face. I couldn’t help but stare and get distracted by how big they where and how a good portion of their breast was exposed. I think at a certain point its like having a wart on your face. No matter how much you try to look away you can’t stop yourself. If you are giving a free peek show than you shouldn’t be offended when people peek or glare. I keep my girls well hidden and I don’t get offended, so long as you aren’t drooling or in my space or making rude comments.

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@kevbo: This dude in my department either has a monstrously large unit or he uses his underwear for storage. Every time I notice it I do a double take and try to figure out if it’s actually his junk or just like a weird pants tent phenomenon.

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Yes, and I tend to think less of you (the generic you) for doing so.

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@nikipedia, he might just have some large potatoes propping up the works, but it’s difficult to diagnose from here. There’s not many places to go but outward.

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I see boobs no different than a face. I stare at your face, I am liable to stare at your breasts. Men are wired for it as are some women. If you have large or even small breasts and your headlights are on in a tight shirt then I will check them out. Same as if a guy was walking down the street freeballing it in jogging pants. You are going to notice some penis bouncing on the pants. Big deal. People notice things just beacuse they are there. There is a difference in checking out some boob or checking some boob to masturbate to, hopefully only 13 year old boys do that shit.

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Oh, you will know when I notice because you will be on the ground trying to protect your balls from my knee.

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I stopped worrying about men staring at the wife years ago, she has always worn clothes that show what little she’s got all nice and contained in a lacy bra and fitted shirt. not any plunge but enough so if a button is showing anything men look and gaze, she loves the attention and really take it to the limit when she wears a crop- we have seen screeching tires at times.

If I catch a man staring I simply say you know they taste as good as they look and I usually get a weird “uh huh” out of them!

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I’m a female and I’ve always thought it was part of someone acknowledging my femaleness that they just at some point or another take a glance at my breasts. I find myself looking at other women and then glancing at their breasts too so maybe it’s a double-checking thing or else I really like boobs like so many other people do. So far I’ve not been offended by anyone checking me out unless they were not looking but leering and making unwanted sexual innuendo. As long as you’re conscious you’re looking then try to keep it to where you don’t make anyone uncomfortable.

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@jbfletcherfan Why is staring at a woman’s chest equated with staring at a man’s “crotch?” OP did not say he was staring at women’s camel toe…

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I can add to the discussion that with my 330lb I actually have a nice rack of man-boobs myself. And I hate when people check them out….grrrr

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Yep.. you almost wanna say.. “Hey dude.. can you look up here when I’m talking to you?” Luckily I don’t have huge boobs so I don’t have to deal with this that often.

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Ladies, can you please tell your boobs to stop staring at my face?

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If im attracted to the guy, im so flusterd, that I dont notice if hes looking at my boobs, infact that never even inters my mind.

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@kheredia ; I would talk to you and love looking in your eyes only to relish the possibility of inviting you to the seashore for bbq and friends so I could see a figure that I appreciate as a whole – compact with subtle curves

like the wife and her bff.

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