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Thrush - any advice? I feel awful?

Asked by zookeeny (888points) February 3rd, 2010

Medical advice has been sort but just wanting a reality perspective on this because I feel awful!

I have been really run down lately and the doc said I have thrush. I have cream but it is a 6 day treatment and Im only on day 1. I have gotten worse overnight and feel terrible – really flu like and achy. I rang practice nurse and said I felt like I had now got it in my throat and could she get the doc to prescribe throat treatment and I would come in to pick up script. She said it would be very rare if you would get it in your throat anyway but chance of having it both ends is unlikely. She suggested throat lozengers.

Im kind of puzzled – yep unlikely but not impossible?!! Has anyone experienced this?

I have been run down lately and also probably excessively cleaning both ends and have got rid of the natural healthy bacteria. Have you have experience of thrush like this? What was the cause and how long did it take to get better?Anything I can do to help while I wait for cream to work its magic? Were you feeling exhausted with it and flu like? Are these symptoms of anything eles?

Sorry heaps of questions. Please answer sensitivly as it is a genuine discomfort and worries I am having.


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One word——Yogurt it will make your throat feel better and help your body fight off the thrush.

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Thrush – isn’t that a yeast infection? I don’t really understand: where do you have it? I came here going to recommend yoghurt but now I’m not sure where you’d put the yoghurt, so I don’t know…

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@nicobanks You eat the yogurt and it is absorbed by the body. I think @zookeeny might have it on on the “private parts”. The bacteria in yogurt fight the yeast/fungus infections.

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It is messy but Gentian Violet wipes it out fast. My daughter had thrush as a baby and it turned her mouth purple (and my boobs.) It does stain. You can get it at Wal-Mart or rite-aid
Also, you should take acidophilus. Get the refrigerated kind from a health food store. It is a pill that replenishes the healthy bacteria.

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Sometimes the doctor will prescribe an anti-fungal in pill form like Diflucan. You can ask about this. Since thrush is yeast, the normal bacteria in the mouth usually keep it in check and keep you from getting it. If you have gotten thrush, you should look to see how you have become immuno-compromised. This is something that people with HIV have to watch out for. However, if other infections overwhelm your immune system, then you could get thrush. What exactly do you mean by “excessively cleaning both ends”?

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@zookeeny If the infection is “down there” you can apply the yoghurt directly. (Sorry, just the way you were talking, for a moment I though the infection was internal or something.) It never occurred to me to eat it like Tropical Willie suggests, but it certainly makes sense that would also help!

Personally I’ve never experienced these symptoms from a yeast infection: just insanely horrible itchiness.

P.S. Plain, natural yoghurt only (no flavours).

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Thrush implies it is a yeast infection in the mouth. The other end is usually just called a yeast infection.

The bigger question I have (particulary hearing your other symptoms—feeling run down, flulike symptoms, etc.) makes me wonder what is going on in your body that is allowing candida to grow (wherever it is). Often when females take antibiotics, a vaginal yeast infection is not uncommon. An oral yeast infection is a bit more common in an otherwise healthy adult UNLESS you have asthma and use some type of oral medication to treat it. Thrush is more common in babies than in adults.

If you were someone I knew personally, I would talk to you about getting an HIV test just to be able to rule that out. That’s not to say you have HIV, but I would sure want to take that off the list of possibilities (based on thrush and your other symptoms). The other thing to know (because HIV sounds really scary to most people) is that medications to treat HIV are free in every state (income dependent) and HIV can be much more of a chronic, managable condition than perhaps you may have considered it in the past. In other words, don’t let any fears of HIV keep you from being tested. HIV is something you want to deal with rather assertively.

As stated above, diflucan and other prescription meds can be taken to treat thrush. And monostat (gynelotramin sp?) are often used for vaginal yeast infections. You do NOT want to use over the counter vaginal yeast infection treatments in your mouth! I only say this because I have had clients try it.

You haven’t said anything about the reason for your excessive cleaning but one might assume there were sexual reasons behind it (prep or clean up).

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In the US, we use the term “thrush” for a yeast infection in the mouth. I’m getting the impression that maybe you mean a vaginal yeast infection that you’re using the 6 day cream for and a new symptom of a sore throat. Is that correct? Because it’s actually pretty unusual for an adult with a healthy immune system to get oral or pharyngeal yeast infection.

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Excessive cleaning is a response I have to intense periods of flashbacks which sometimes I feel in my body, sometimes I have memories in my mind. I have been know to apply dettol and just generally clean myself much more then is needed to conteract the distressful feelings and memories. I probably didnt need to write that bit in – it only applies because doing so can affect the balance of friendly bacteria and make you more at risk of yeast infections.

I am frightend by the HIV link as last year I had to have bloods checked after a relationship with someone who swore he was free of any STDS he turned out to have lied about a great deal of things so I got tested ‘just incase’. You get checked once then need to go back for a follow up. My first test was clear and I never went for the follow up test….. I am freaking out a bit now I have to admit. On saying that I have not been ill really for ages so I assume my immune system is in pretty good shape – until now.

I will go back tot he doctors for my follow up tests. It just takes a long time for them to come back and it is frightening waiting…..

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@zookeeny, doing the followup on the HIV tests is a great idea for your peace of mind, but I think the reason @Kayak8 suggested it was because you said you had thrush. When an adult gets a yeast infection in the mouth, you have to consider the possibility of a problem with their immune system.

If you are being treated for a vaginal yeast infection, it’s most likely a coincidence that you’re feeling run down and have a sore throat. As miserable as they can be, vaginal yeast infections are pretty common for women.

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Doctor rang I dont have thrush. I just have a small infection. I was freaking out but need to be more rational. I am very pleased it is not serious. The pains are psychosomatic to an extent – I am told. Bodies are weird and minds are even weirder. Thanks for the responses.

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