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What's something cute to do for an online date?

Asked by andrew (16159points) February 3rd, 2010 from iPhone

Yes, my lady is not with me right now, so we have a skype date set up—and I’m trying to think of something cute to do. Any thoughts?

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Synchronized movie-watching?

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Dance off

wait? does skype do video?

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Can you get some video of logs burning? I keep harping on this but Al Green or Marvin Gaye music is the perfect background, candles translate well anytime, and you could throw caution and dignity to the winds and lip synch something really sweet or kind sexy.

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I just threw up in my mouth.

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Each get a deck of cards and play some games. That could work, right?

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I don’t have skype, but it could take phone sex to a whole new level. I’m just sayin’

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@Trillian Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, wore it out, gave it to good will.

It’s not exactly “cute,” either.

You could play a game. Guess what the next word I send will be. Maybe have categories or something. You type in a word so it’s already there. If you are videoing, she could ask questions, and you can nod your head yes or no. When she makes her final guess, you both hit return at the same time and find out what happened.

you said you wanted cute. myself, I go for what @Trillian said

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Face painting.

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Wine or beer tasting? Each of you buys the same bottles of wine (beer is easier- just buy small, craft brews so there’s more flavour to describe) and taste them together. You’ll both be tasting the same flavours at the same time and it will add to the idea that you are somehow together (sight, sound, taste- You could both fry bacon and smell the same thing, too.). The more senses you share, the more it will feel like you’re together.
Could you have guessed my answer would have to do with wine?

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@breedmitch the sensory thing is a really good point. You could add tactile into the mix, like silk or crushed velvet…

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or leather or rubber.
cue spit take

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Frying bacon together? HOW ROMANTIC.

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My fiance and I watch Fringe together. We watch it together when we are in the same location and when we are not. Having a show you watch together (better yet, watch together with some sort of food tradition) is good because you can turn on the show together, watch it, chat about it, and eat your foods. I would recommend finding something on Netflix instant queue. Only watch it together.

Other than that, you could set up an internet scavenger hunt/treasure hunt where she has to find certain sites and use them to find other sites. It would take effort but would be fun.

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puppetry of the penis.

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Prank conference calls.

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I know I’m late but I’m just catching up on my Fluther Qs right now. So maybe you can use this for future skype dates. I always thought its a cute idea to cook something together when in a long distance relationship. So you take your laptops to kitchen, have a recipe and ingredients pre-decided and pre-bought. And so you cook together and then dine together. You’ll be eating the same thing, and while cooking there’ll be plenty of time to “just hang out” with each other. You can also make it more interesting by making something neither of you have made before or maybe one can teach the other how to make something? I don’t know, use your imagination.

And heyyyyyyyy you can virtual double date with richard and chelsea!! I kid, I kid.

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Devi gets it.
So what’d you end up doin, ndrew?

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That night? Getting into an argument.

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@andrew in that case, i think you need to work on understanding what a “date” is…~

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I hope you admitted you were wrong.

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