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Cures for a burnt tongue?

Asked by hug_of_war (10725points) February 3rd, 2010

Burnt my tongue eating a toaster strudel a few days ago and it still hurts/feels sore at the tip. Any effective soothers you know of? Also there’s a small white bump where it happened, is this serious? What is it?

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Suck ice. It’ll go away. Sounds like you had some lava like icing there.

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Don’t worry. The mouth heals faster than almost any other part of the body (except the eyes). You’ll be fine.

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I’ve heard honey can be soothing. It might be an old wives tale, but it can’t hurt! (and is tasty). Honestly, this late after getting burned, not much that you do is likely to help a whole lot. Take @Seek_Kolinahr‘s advice, the mouth heals fast. The white bump is probably akin to a scab, or some part of the healing process.

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ice ice baby

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or just wait 2–3 days on your own and it’ll be fine.

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Aloe Vera juice? Mouths heal pretty fast fortunately.

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And at this point your tongue must be healed I’m guessing

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I don’t know what the bump is but I’ve had it before when I burnt my tongue and it went away after a while. Eat and drink cold and bland things for a while.

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