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If you were (or are) a professor, would one bad grade spoil your opinion of a student?

Asked by borderline_blonde (1676points) February 3rd, 2010

I started off on the wrong foot this quarter letting some personal issues interfere with my studying (that’ll teach me). So I was already feeling pretty anxious about a midterm in one of my classes today, when my professor came up to me and said that she thought I’d make an excellent candidate for grad school and that I should come speak to her about it sometime. I really, really look up to this professor… but like I said, I wasn’t prepared enough and I think I did awful on the midterm. Now I’m worried what she’ll think of me when that grade comes back.

Should I be worried about this? Do you think one bad exam grade can ruin a teacher’s opinion of a student?

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I think most professors allow you to have one bad exam.. but you’re going to have to kick ass on your next one to redeem yourself.. don’t get discouraged.. you’ll be fine!

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I’m not a professor, but I have taught at the college level. If I had a student who was clearly bright and motivated and consistently got good grades, one bad grade would just make me wonder what had happened.

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@nikipedia and @kheredia Thanks for the feedback guys… I had a near-perfect score in the class I had with this professor last quarter, so it worries me a bit to feel like I blew it entirely. I think you’re right, though. I’m going to try to stop worrying about it for the night…. and hope to god that I’m wrong about that score.

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Professors can understand that things happen. And you don’t even know how you did on the exam yet. Good idea to get some sleep and not worry about it.

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You need to do exactly as the professor asked, make an appointment and go talk with her. Usually opinions are formed by class performance and how you write, not performance on tests. Think of her as a mentor, and discuss your interests in the field.
Don’t worry about the grade affecting her opinion of your capabilities.

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Nah. When a strong student gets a bad grade, I usually just wonder what happened. We’re people too! We know that life sometimes interferes with school.

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I remember when I was in college I did the same thing (it was in a sociology class). The professor knew me, as I was always an active participant in the class and was consistently getting good grades. He approached me and asked me about the bad test. He took my reason at face value, and encouraged me to keep my grades up to counteract the effect of the bad test. My test wasn’t a mid-term, but you should talk to your professor.

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@Yetanotheruser This is a sociology class, too :) I’m a soc major.

I’ll plan on speaking to her – even if I get a bad grade on the midterm and have a difficult time facing her.

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I would most likely view the bad grade in light of the student’s overall performance during the time he or she has been in my class assignments completed, grades on other exams, and most significantly,contribution and interaction with others in class.

In your case, I must ask, as your on-screen ID begs the question, if your attitude about yourself may be contributing to either the problem, or your perception of the problem.

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@anartist “as your on-screen ID begs the question” Actually, it refers to my hair color haha… guess I didn’t realize it could be interpreted THAT way. I do put a lot of pressure on myself, though. I’m sort of a perfectionist, which I probably need to work on.

Thanks to everyone for their responses – the situation has since been resolved. I received a 95 on the midterm (WAY better than I thought I did), have since spoken with my professor and have even arranged to do some research with her this summer. I’m super excited! That’ll teach me to worry over nothing :)

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Congrats to you!

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