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Would you recommend jailbreaking the iPod Touch?

Asked by burner911 (65points) March 2nd, 2008

What does jailbreaking allow you to do which you can’t do normally, and does it good your warranty. Also can the iPod ever be in jailbroken or reset?

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jailbreaking is great and I’ve done it but in two weeks apple will release an sdk ( giving people third party apps legally) so jailbreaking right now I not at all worth it. Plus if u do it wrong u might screw up ur iPod

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I have done it too but just wait a month or less for the Software Development Kit to hit developers and for “legal” apps to be released.

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jailbreaking allows programs of all kinds to be added to your phone

Anything from new calculators to instant messaging to a touch screen guitar.
but as with the other answers I also suggest waiting for the new apple update, saving you loads of trouble and the risk of bricking your device

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i have to add my 2 cents, i jail broke my ipod when i first got it but seeing as the SDK is out in little under a month i would NOT recommend it, plus i found out that after a while the cache of the jailbreak program (installer) builds up and starts deleting music, album art and sys files OH NO

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don’t jailbreak
wait for sdk
you can reset
it does void your warenty

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