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What software is needed to edit TV shows and Films into fanvids?

Asked by Tennis5tar (1255points) January 16th, 2007
I am an avid watcher of Veronica Mars and would like to let my creative juices flow in the form of a fanvid. I have no idea where to start though! I live in England so some of the latest sofware may not be out here yet. Any links to guides or any advice would be welcomed!
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I misunderstood the tags bit :S
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hehe. I love Veronica Mars, though. I assume you're about to make a VM fanvid? Anyway, there are a number of programs you can use. I have Windows, so I started out using Windows Movie Maker which came bundled with my laptop. Now I'm using Vegas Movie Studio 6.0 (there's a free 30 day trial version if you want to check it out). Ulead is also popular, I believe, and also has a trial version.
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Oh, I forgot to mention, if you wanted to rip the clips yourself from the DVD, you'll also need a DVD ripping program. I recommend DVD Shrink. It's freeware and works quite well. There are others, but don't get any program that looks sketchy, because I tried downloading one once that wrecked the first disk of my season 1 Veronica Mars DVDs and now I can never watch Green-Eyed Monster again. It was tragic.
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As starbursting has already answered: Windows Movie Maker is one that is the most frequently used. I use windows movie maker very efficently to make my Veronica Mars FanVids, and it works fine.
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Vegas Video 4.0 or 6.0 are also good choices if you are more advanced.
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That's really helpful, thanks. Just one more thing. I tried to find DVD Shrink on the web and there are so many sites, does anyone have a direct link?
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on a mac, you'll want to use mac the ripper to get video off a dvd, then imovie to edit.
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I'm pretty sure that's the download I used and it works fine. But, as the commenter above me mentioned, if you're on a mac, you'll need different programs.

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