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My home phone rings one time every morning?

Asked by loveshistory (14points) February 4th, 2010

My home phone will ring once every morning around 3:35 a.m. I have caller i.d. but it never records where the call is coming from. Any ideas of what or who this could be?

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Are you sure that you don’t have the alarm on ?

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It’s the

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Wait, there was something after “the” when I typed that it said it’s the

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Have you ever answered it? If so, what happens?

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Hey, what’s going on with my computer, why can’t I send in the answer:

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I used to get a call like that, same time every day, one ring. Sorry to say I never discovered the cause. For some reason I never called the phone company about it, maybe they can figure it out for you.

Caller ID comes in on the 2nd ring, that’s why it’s not capturing a name.

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I used to hear about this back in the old days, when the house phone used wires. Back then it was the phone company sending test pulses out and some phones were more sensitive to it than others and would ring once (or a partial ring).

I’ve never heard of it with cells, though.

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@mrentropy Some (most) people still have house phones with wires.

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@CyanoticWasp Thanks, it didn’t come out as funny as I wanted, but I didn’t want to use the tired old Removed by Fluther moderators gag.

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I’m sorry.I’ll stop it ;)

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@Snarp The part about when house phones were wired was mostly facetious.

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Someone is attempting to annoy you or someone can not dial a phone.
If it helps some moron rang my phone after eleven PM last night. It said, area code (202) International . Isn’t 202 Washington DC ? How is that International ?
At times I have taken the phone off the hook.

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I think jaytkay is right. Someone is playing games. Give the phone company a call. They may be able to track the caller down if you wish to press charges. I think it is *57 to trace. You will not find out who it was, but the phone Co.will

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