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What do you say to short people?

Asked by mollypop51797 (1425points) February 4th, 2010

What if you are told that you’re going to be between 5’ and 5’ 2”....
Those who find out they’re short always have limitations, maybe not a lot, but a few. It takes them a while to actually accept it. Some don’t care, some are just disappointed. Then, there’s Kristin Chenoweth who, if I recall, is under 5 ft, or just makes it. There are things out there that limit shorter people, but there isn’t anything bad to it either. I think it’s just fine, but what do the short people do till they feel acceptance of their height?

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Umm…I have never been limited by my height. Tall people have it worse than short people. I can fit anywhere.

Do people really give a shit about someone’s height? <<rolls eyes>>

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I tend to drink too much.

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This question confuses the shit out of me.

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I don’t understand the question – what do you mean what do I say to them? Nothing having to do with their height, that’s for sure

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<—- 5 foot 2. I have never felt any limitations, have never felt that I didn’t accept my height, or that others never accepted my height, or looked at me differently. Actually, in school, being small was very cool at that time. The petite girls got all the attention, guys always asked us out first. I’m not sure why you think there would be any kind of limits.

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I ask them if they saw their shadow yesterday, and how much longer winter will last.
Yes, yes. Short people. Black people. Red Headed people. Fat People. Everyone is picked on for something. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t have something that people laugh about.
Even Brad Pitt has odor issues.

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@filmfann Brad smells bad? Damn, my bubble is burst.

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My family includes short people (my grandmother at 5’ 1”, my nieces in Denver being 4” 8” and 4’ 10”, and my cousin being 4’ 11”) and tall people (my niece who is 6’ 2” and my nephew who is still growing at age 15 and 6’ 4”). We have found that both heights have their advantages and disadvantages.

Tall people can get things off the top shelf at the supermarket, but they have a horrible time in airplanes and many small cars. Tall people have a terrible time finding long sleeved shirts and long pants – my niece has a 37-inch inseam – but they rarely have their view blocked in a crowd.

OTOH, short people need to tote around a step-stool much of the time, but, according to my grandmother, they stay in better condition because they have to work so hard to reach things. They can generally find cute clothes in the petites section but they might have to buy their shoes from the children’s selection (my grandmother wore a size 1 shoe). And short girls have few problems getting dates – they aren’t intimidating.

Everybody has advantages and disadvantages. It is how you deal positively with both that makes you successful in life no matter what you look like.

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between 5’ and 5’2” is slightly shorter than average, but i’m 5’3½” and i’ve never had a problem being “too short” for anything… being shorter gave me an advantage in gymnastics and didn’t hinder me in soccer or cross country. most of the guys i dated through out my life were somewhere between 8 and 14” taller than me, but i’m now engaged and my fiance is only about 3” taller. it’s just height, it’s not that big of a deal.

the only thing i ever really thought twice about regarding my height was wishing i had longer legs.. never did rock a mini skirt quite the way i wanted.

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I’m 5’1.5. Training in gymnastics during the years I was supposed to be growing stunted my growth. I’m fine with it I suppose. I think I’d be much more attractive if I was 5’6, but hey…

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I usually just sing them a song.

Honestly I have never thought I needed to say anything in particular to short people. As a matter of fact some of my best friends – even my own mother – are/were five feet or less.

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Odd question.

It doesn’t bother me at all. Unless you sing that song above, haha. Then you get dick punched (with my head. I can’t reach – or would that be a “dick butt”).

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“What do you say to short people?”

Actually, I generally say “Hi!”

My daughter loved gymnastics, but at 5’ 8” she had to quit. She was way too tall. However, she was about 2 inches too short to be center or “post.” Her solution – be a soccer goalkeeper and play tennis. She is the perfect height for both of those sports.

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Sounds like your disappointed for someone else. Plenty of us “short people” really like it and do just fine, thank you for asking.

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I just look down on them. ~
I will admit to poking fun at my husband who is the same height as me, well, I’m a little taller. (I’m 5’6)

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What kind of answer are you looking for?

“I’m sorry you’re so <adjective>, but really it’s okay”?

I would think that anything you could come up with to say to short people, anything at all that you would say only to a short person, is something you probably don’t need to say at all.

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I’m 5’2… I couldn’t care less about your height or my height. :}

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It would be harder for them to reach things like shelves and going to concerts with crowds would suck, but tall people find it harder to find clothes and shoes that fit properly without asking the store manager for a bigger size. They’d also need to lean down to talk to people. There is limitations for both, but that wouldn’t cause me to talk or treat either differently.

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Short people are the best!

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I’m 5’1”. People say all manner of things to me! People just grow to the height they become. Do you mean are some men very unhappy being short?

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When I was super short, I loved it. Now that I’m super tall (5’6”) I don’t want to be any shorter, but it was fun being the shortest person ever. That’s what people knew me for; I was famous because of it. :)

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“Have you noticed that you’re really short?”

just kidding

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Noooo you’re getting taller!

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i have always been fascinated with this height thing. not peoples actual heights, but rather this notion that being short is some how worse or that height matters at all.

personally, i can go an entire year without even noticing how tall or short a person is. maybe its because im so tall my self, but i only ever notice when someone is taller than me. at 6ft6in seeing someone taller than me is not really something i expect so when it happens i notice it.

so, what would i say to a short person that is worried about their height? ’‘dude, i never even noticed until you mentioned it”

and yea, take it from me… being tall is no bed of roses either. cant buy shoes, cant fit in half the cars that are being made, cant find a bed that my legs dont hang out of, have to settle for whatever clothes fit me, etc…

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If Randy Newman were answering your question he would say “Short people got no reason to live”

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Whatever you do, don’t sing, or recite the lyrics to, the aforementioned song. Won’t make you any friends.

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I say the same things to short people as i do tall people. we all breathe the same air.

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Mollypop, my wife is 5 ft 3 inches tall. i say to her the same thing i would say to anyone else. she tends to say a little more than other women her heigth, since her 6 ft. 5 inch husband is normally always by her side.

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I’m an even 5 feet tall. At times, it’s frustrating to be so short. Then again, I’m self-sufficient, so I always find a means of getting things done the short person way – makes me stronger if anything. I don’t recall ever being upset or unable to accept my heighth.

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Honestly I hardly even notice when people are short. Im 5’4” but when I am standing with someone who is 5’ or so I never notice at all! And being short as a female is awesome I think it’s soooo feminine! I wish I were smaller.

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Nothing different from what I say to tall people and certainly nothing about their height. I’m 5’6” which is short for a guy, but I see enough other guys as short as me or shorter so it doesn’t really bother me.

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Well, I got an awesome nickname, so I’m pretty happy.
The only bad thing is that your face is in peoples armpits for a hug and in the mosh pit. yucky.

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<==== 5’0” ......and what??

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I had no clue I was surrounded by such short people

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oh yeah. (looks up at @casaheroo.)

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I’m 6’2. My wife is 5’1 (or as Groucho used to say: well over 4 foot tall!)

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Need a lift?

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Since I am pretty tall, 5’10”, I usually just try to tell people to not worry about their height. Being short has its advantages anyways, getting into small spaces etc, and I don’t think we should feel bad about ourselves just because we’re not the height we want to be.

@Darwin She had to quit or she wanted to quit? There are some gymnasts who are 5’8” and over and they still compete. Ashley Miles is 5’8” and she competed, quite well I might add. She was even a member of the USA World Team in 2001. Just because someone is tall does not mean they cannot be competitive in gymnastics, it just makes it a little bit harder.

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@Alia – She had to quit because the coaches wouldn’t train tall people. She switched to basketball after that.

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@Darwin Well thats a shame, because Ashley Miles was pretty good. Because of this, I think that they really should have a competition set up for people over 5’7”. I think that would be awesome. I certainly would cheer them on. I love people doing gymnastics, especially people like Ashley. Its very inspiring as well.

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I say, short people got no reason, no reason to live… I’m sorry that was a song. I love short people, they are cute.

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If someone asked me about their size…hmmm…i would say ‘the grass is always greener on the other side!’ It seems that giants want to be dwarfs and vice versa. I’m in the middle (which i dont like; being super tall or super small would work for me either way) but I sure do look funny! My legs are as long as my 6ft 3 dad but my torso is 10x times shorter which brings my down to 5ft 4. That’s would i would say too: everyone is built with their own unique nuts and bolts.

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@filmfann maybe there are some nut girls?

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